NFL MVP Award – 5 Characteristics of a Championship Player

The Most Valuable Player – an award that almost any player strives to achieve. It’s a prestigious award to earn that shows your talent, skills, leadership, and many other qualities both on and off the field.

What all makes a championship player, though?

If you’re into betting on the odds of a player receiving the MVP award, then it’s essential to make a note of all the traits that make up this kind of player. It’s not an award that just anyone can win. Players must prove that their worth and that they deserve the award for taking their team all the way to the Super Bowl.

We came up with five characteristics of a championship player to help you bet on the 2020 NFL MVP odds.


There’s a reason why the majority of the MVP award has gone to quarterbacks. This potion is the leader of the team, and an MVP must show leadership qualities. A leader is someone who pushes their teammates to greatness. He sees the skills of every player on the field and knows how to use them.

If you look at previous MVP award winners, there’s a good chance that their teammates would call them leaders on and off the field.

Commitment to the Team and Game

You can’t be an MVP if you’re not entirely dedicated to your team and to the game you’re playing. If you’re only there half the time, and when you are there your mind is still somewhere else, how can you be the best teammate possible?

A strong, MVP shows us to every practice and game ready to give 110 percent. Through this, it helps encourage the rest of his team to do the same thing.


An MVP isn’t just good at his role. He can also step into other positions when required.

Within football, the potential MVP shows that he can adapt on the fly with the everchanging game. If an opportunity arises for a teammate to move into a different position, he takes it and thrives in it.

Assists the Team

Although MVPs often are the top of their class, that doesn’t mean they don’t let others shine as well. These players are excellent assistants on and off the field. He doesn’t hold the ball for only himself. When there’s an opportunity for someone else to shine and help the team, he steps aside and provides the assistance needed.

Wins on the Field

Of course, for an NFL MVP, judges will look at how many wins the team had throughout the season. That isn’t to say that to be considered for the award, you have to be on a winning team. However, it definitely helps.

Why do wins matter? A team that is continually winning is a well-oiled machine. That means something internally is working. Chances are if the team is winning, there is a player (or a few) that poses the traits listed above to bring the team to success.

When looking at the list of favored MVP recipients, consider the above characteristics. These can help give you an edge to pick the one that just may bring you the win you’re looking for.

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