BREAKING: Texas Revolution done at Ford Center

Texas Revolution done

UPDATE (4:30 p.m. May 8): According to a source close to LWOS, the Revolution have ceased operations with an announcement to come on Friday. The players on the team will be part of a dispersal draft to ensure they are playing for the rest of the CIF season. Former Revs running back Dominique Carson will not be allowed to play in the CIF for the remainder of the 2019 season.


UPDATE (1:00 p.m. May 8): Revolution running back Dominique Carson has signed with the Indoor Football League’s San Diego Strike Force.


This past weekend, the Texas Revolution officially stated they were trying to reschedule their game against the Amarillo Venom that had been set to take place May 4 at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, TX.

That game has not been rescheduled and the team website states it has been cancelled while Champions Indoor Football’s (CIF) stats site shows it was only postponed.

The Revolution have since deleted all of their upcoming games on their Facebook page. Shortly thereafter it appeared that the Ford Center had done the same, deleting the remaining games off their website.

We at Last Word on Sports reached out to the Ford Center and Texas Revolution for comment. While, as of publishing this piece, the Revolution have not gotten back to us, the Ford Center has.

“Thank you for reaching out to us here at Ford Center. The remainder of the Texas Revolution season will not be played at Ford Center. For any further questions about their season, you would need to reach out to their front office.”

This absolutely confirms speculation that the Revs are completely done playing at Ford Center this season and no longer have a home arena.

There are a few arenas small enough to hold the team and while nothing has been said about what will be done with the team it is possible that the Revs either fold or become a travel only team to finish out the rest of the 2019 season.

If this situation seems eerily familiar to you, that’s because it is. This happened last season with the CIF’s Dallas Marshals.

Last year the Marshals moved from the Mesquite Arena to the State Fair Coliseum and eventually were removed from playing their and folded before the completing the year.

LWOS will keep updating this story as more details become available.

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