Barnstormers will have new look in 2019

Barnstormers will have new look in 2019
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The Iowa Barnstormers won their first ever championship game when they defeated the Sioux Falls Storm in this seasons United Bowl, winning 42-38.

The team is letting its players keep their jerseys from the historic season, which confirms one thing for next year: new uniforms.

That’s right. While there is no details out at the moment and no plans as to what will happen with the uniform set next year, we can confirm that Iowa will have a new look.

Barnstormers will have new look in 2019

“We haven’t really made any moves yet to my knowledge,” head equipment manager Michael Buchanan said. “I know it’s going to be pretty exciting when we start to get things going. Dixie [Wooten] (Iowa’s head coach), the last two seasons, has built something special and it will be really cool to see a new look to reflect that.”

With Russell going out of business, it was believable that new uniforms might be on the horizon for the team, but that was the only sign of the news.

Iowa is going to take the time to celebrate its championship before they worry about any uniform details, but in the mean time we can always speculate a little bit.

First off, don’t expect the goggle helmets to go away, Iowa has had those every season before and after the 2008 rebirth, no matter the helmet color, the goggles will stick around.

Below is a look at the home jersey officially used from 2015-2018.

Gable tries to bounce back
Josh Gable walks out of the tunnel prior to the Iowa Barnstormers’ game against the Arizona Rattlers. Photo by Connor Ferguson.

That jersey features the gold shoulder bars and also put the name on a black nameplate, which wasn’t too aesthetically pleasing.

Iowa Barnstormers receiver Ryan Balentine celebrates with section 110 fans after scoring a touchdown in a semi-final win over the Nebraska Danger.

Each set of uniforms featured the same black pants with a gold stripe and red trim to pair with the respective jersey choices.

The road jersey used from 2015-2018 is below.

Cody Barber lines up to kick a field goal in the 2017 United Conference Championship game. It was his first and only appearance to date with the Barnstormers

Its unclear right now on what the new uniforms will look like for Iowa, but one thing is for sure: they’re coming in 2019.