Green Bay Blizzard Part Ways with Coach Chris Williams

Late Thursday afternoon, the Green Bay Blizzard have moved on by relieving Coach Chris Williams of his duties. He spent the last three seasons with the Green Bay Blizzard and accumulated a combined record of 8-29 (27.6%).

Green Bay Blizzard Part Ways with Coach Chris Williams

Coach Williams started coaching for the Green Bay Blizzard in 2016 after the team went 6-8 in the regular season in 2015. In 2016, the Blizzard had high hopes and expectations that Williams would bring success to the table for them. In 2016, the Blizzard did worse by going 5-11, finished fourth in the United Conference, and seventh in the Indoor Football League (IFL). Green Bay believed that one season doesn’t define a coaches season.

In 2017, Williams returned to the Blizzard with higher hopes. Unfortunately for Williams, his team fell to 3-13. Also this season, the Blizzard finished fourth in the United Conference for the second season in a row, and ninth overall in the IFL.

Returning to the team for his third season, Williams thought for sure he would win games. The team fell 0-5 with some close battles.

Green Bay was probably looking to get a new head coach after losing the first two or three games of the 2018 season, but knew it wouldn’t be smart because there were no Bye Weeks. The Blizzard have two consecutive bye weeks after the news broke out of Williams’ release.

The Future of the Green Bay Blizzard

While it is unknown who the Blizzard are going to sign, the team can only go uphill from here. A coach in three season that only wins just over 27% of their games is a nightmare. With the team having two weeks to prepare for their next game against the Cedar Rapids Titans, they should be able to find a coach that can learn the team and have plenty of time to plan on their next game.

There are still 10 more games left in the season for Green Bay. With the new coach or interim head coach, the team could win more games. Teams that are struggling a little bit this year are the Cedar Rapids Titans and Nebraska Danger after losing their starting Quarterback Damien Fleming.

If the Blizzard beat those two teams every time they faced each other for the remainder of the season, the Blizzard would finish with at least four wins.

Last weekend against the Sioux Falls Storm, the Blizzard kept it a close game until the fourth quarter when fourth downs gave the game away. If Green Bay can keep up with Sioux Falls, then they should be able to finish strong against any other team in this league and pull out some upset victories.