NAL Grabs Greensboro, NC

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There is a highly rumored new team in the National Arena League. The NAL grabs Greensboro, NC for the upcoming season. With this possible addition, the league gets one step closer into becoming a stronger league.

NAL Grabs Greensboro, NC

The NAL is talking about having a team in Greensboro, NC. Teams such as the High Country Grizzlies have left the league recently. The league figured that it was important to keep a team in North Carolina.

In a meeting in late September, league administrators discussed everything that has been going on in the league and what will happen in the future with the league.

In this meeting, they were focusing on new teams that could be a big possibility. The team from Greensboro was one of them. There were six teams that were discussed, but it is unclear what specific teams were discussed outside of this team and a team from New York.

Greensboro’s Future in the NAL

There is no telling how good this team could be, but the league is almost full of new teams since there have been a dramatic drop of teams in the summer after the season ended.

Given that there will be multiple new teams, this team could be a contender in the playoffs.

It will be an interesting week or two as we should be able to figure out when the schedule will be released.

The team’s success depends on who else joins the league and how many times they will face a specific team. If Greensboro faces great teams like the Sharks, Lions, or Steelhawks a few times next season, it will be tough to have a successful season.

In addition to this rumor, there are supposedly more teams that are planning on joining the NAL this month.

Of course, this would be great news to the league because there would be more competition in the league. Things like this makes the league better and more fun to watch.

Teams in the NAL and Projected Teams

                                     2018 National Arena League
Confirmed Teams
Jacksonville Sharks
Columbus Lions
Lehigh Valley Steelhawks
New Jersey Flight
Rumored/Projected Teams
New York
Needs More Time
Monterrey Steel
Georgia Firebirds

In the meeting in late September, the league mentioned that there were five teams plus New York that they were talking about. It is unclear who those other four are (outside of Greensboro and New York) that were mentioned. Using past knowledge and news, we have a general idea.

The team in Orlando could play, but they might not be able to play. According to some reports, the arena isn’t allowing them to play. Also, the Arena Football League (AFL) is holding their name and is wanting the team to pay around $300,000 to keep the team name to the “Predators”.

The team in New York is looking to be called the “Dragons”, but it is unclear right now because something similar to Orlando could happen.

The two teams that need more time are the Monterrey Steel and Georgia Firebirds.

The Monterrey Steel needed to come up with a business plan for next year. They requested that they have more time with their decisions. With how things are going with the team right now, they might not have a team. If they continue to have a team, then they would have to restart with players.

The Georgia Firebirds are planning on staying in the NAL for next season. They are one of the many teams working on a lease for the arena.

More on this story will be released as we get more information. The best place to check for updates is the LWOS Indoor Football Twitter page. There, we have up-to-date information on all leagues and what is going on in those leagues.