CIF Top 5: No. 3 – Duke City Gladiators at Amarillo Venom

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CIF Top 5: No. 3 – Duke City Gladiators at Amarillo Venom

Welcome to part three of a five part series where we countdown the Top 5 Champions Indoor Football (CIF) Games of 2017. In the first two parts, we looked at the West Michigan Ironmen vs. Omaha Beef and the Bloomington Edge vs. Kansas City Phantoms

For No. 3 we will take a look at the Duke City Gladiators taking on the Amarillo Venom. This game was played on April 2, 2017. A win that night would put either team in control of earning a spot in the playoffs.

Gladiators vs.Venom: The 4th Quarter Shootout

During the fourth quarter shootout, both teams had their fair share of problems. For instance, with 8:37 to go, Amarillo was controlling the ball, leading 62-59.

Quarterback Nate Davis attempts to rush into the endzone, for a touchdown. However he fumbled the ball, but was able to recover it.

Then with 6:16 to go in quarter number four, the Duke City Gladiators are in control. During this drive, it seemed promising.

Their last five players showed Duke City moving down the field. Then, five plays into the drive Gladiators quarterback Porterie’s pass was intercepted by Donnie Duncan during a routine 1st & Goal pass play.

After that interception, the Venom would run out the clock to take the victory. Heading into the next game, the Gladiators are sitting at 2-3 while the Venom are 4-0.

Even though the Venom won the total offense was 323 total yards compared to 373 yards for the Gladiators.

On Defense, the Amarillo Venom intercepted twice and returned it for a total of 7 yards. Finally for the time of Possession, that was dominated by the Venom as well going over 33 minutes compared to about 22 minutes for the Gladiators.

That was no. 5 in the top 5 CIF Games of 2017. Stay tuned for no. 1. Make sure you come back to see what the no. 2 CIF game is in 2017.