CIF Top Five: #4 – Bloomington Edge at Kansas City Phantoms

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Welcome to the continuation of the Top Five Plays of 2017. The countdown started with the with the West Michigan Ironmen at Omaha Beef game in the five spot.

Now, we continue the countdown with the fourth game of 2017.

CIF Top Five: #4 – Bloomington Edge at Kansas City Phantoms

Coming in at No. 4 is the Kansas City Phantoms taking on the Bloomington Edge. If you haven’t read the number five game, you can check it out here.

On March 13, in front of over 3,000 fans, the Edge and the Phantoms squared off in their first game.

For the Edge, it’s their second season in the CIF and their 11th season overall going

After three intense quarters where the Kansas City Phantoms owned a majority of the momentum, we move ahead to the fourth quarter.

The Kansas City Phantoms were ahead by 11 points (36-27).Towards the end of the third quarter and entering the fourth, the Kansas City Phantoms had control of the football.

The Phantoms were starting the final frame with a 4th and 9 at the Edge 24 yard line. Instead of going for it, the Phantoms decided to go for the field goal attempt from the 39 yard line.

Dallas Hermdon booted the ball. It looked like it was going to go the distance. Then…it went wide right.

Due to the Kansas City Phantoms missed Field Goal, Bloomington took over with the ball on their own 5 yard line.

54 seconds into the 4th quarter, the Edge began moving down the field completing pass after pass for the next six plays.

Then on their 7th play of the drive, facing a 2nd and Goal at the Phantoms 15 yard line, Edge quarterback Caleb Holbrook passes to J.j. Hayes for a 15 yard touchdown.

Darrelynn then rushed into the endzone for a 2 point conversion. After 3 minutes go off the board, the Edge would trail 37-34

On the Phantoms next drive, they would go 4 and out and handed the ball back to the Bloomington Edge. Knowing that they have an opportunity to score, they seized the moment as they took the lead 41-39. With

Knowing that time is running out, Kansas City tried a field goal. However, it was wide right. That missed kick coast Kansas City the game as Bloomington ran out the clock.

The final score was Bloomington 41, Kansas City 39.

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