Champions Indoor Football Awards Handed Out

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Champions Indoor Football released some league awards to teams and personnel around the CIF. Here are the award winners for the 2017 Champions Indoor Football season going team by team.

Champions Indoor Football Awards Handed Out

Texas Revolution Award Winners

First up it’s the Texas Revolution. The South conference champions racked up three awards. As a team, they won for the best gameday operations in the Champions Indoor Football.

As for individual awards, wide receiver, Clinton Solomon was named an offensive player of the year. For Michael Dyer, this running back received Rookie of the Year honors in 2017. When the awards were revealed the team took to social media and had this to say:

“CONGRATS CLINTON SOLOMON on receiving Offensive Player of the Year!
31 Receiving Touchdowns (1st in CIF)
1,033 Receiving Yards (1st in CIF)” 

Omaha Beef League Award Winners

The visiting team for the Champions Bowl and the North conference champions only received two awards. No individual awards but none the less, huge accomplishments.

The first award the Beef won was for Best Franchise. The second award also for the entire team, was for Best Dance Team. Congratulations to the Omaha Beef on their awards.

Bismarck Bucks League Award Winners

Up next we have the Bismarck Bucks. Even though this team fell short of a birth in the Champions Bowl, they still ended up on top by winning two awards.

First up the Bucks won for Franchise of the Year. Out of the other 13 teams, they came up number one with not only their fans but the ledge.

 Amarillo Venom League Award Winners

Similar to the Bismarck Bucks, the Amarillo Venom were one game short of the Champions Bowl in 2017. The Venom collected two awards this season.

Stephen Turker won for Executive of the year while Jacob Felton won for Special Teams of the Year.

Sioux City Bandits and Duke City Gladiators Award Winners


For the Sioux City Bandits and the Duke City Gladiators they are not going home empty handed.

They both got awards as well. For the Gladiators, Donovan Porterie received League MVP. As for the Sioux City Bandits, Devon Bridges became the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year.

Complete List of CIF Award winners

Quarterback – Donovan Porterie, Duke City
Running Back – Kory Ringer, West Michigan
Wide Receiver – Daniel McKinney, Dodge City
Wide Receiver – Clinton Solomon, Texas
Wide Receiver – J.J Hayes, Bloomington
Guard – Darren Marquez, Wichita
Guard – Kamalie Matthews, Dodge City
Center – Matt Rahn, Sioux City
Kicker – Jacob Felton, Amarillo
Defensive End – Devon Bridges, Sioux City
Defensive End – Gary Henderson, Dodge City
Defensive Tackle – Tyrone Ezell, Bismarck
Linebacker – Ricky Wyatt, Dodge City
Defensive Back – DeWayne Autrey, Sioux City
Defensive Back – Kendrick Harper, Wichita
Defensive Back – Isiah Barfield, Salina
Defensive Back – Juvi-Ray Berry, Duke City
Kick Returner – Michael Dyer, Texas