Texas Revolution take Champions Bowl III

The Texas Revolution took down the Omaha Beef 59-49 on Friday Night to win Champions Bowl III and be crowned Champions Indoor Football (CIF) champs.

LWOS’ Chris Mabry has the story.

First Half

Entering quarter no. 1, the Revolution would make a statement when Dixon passed to Clinton Solomon for a touchdown. They then missed the Extra Point.

With Omaha getting the ball next, the beef would try to answer with their own touchdown.

But, Anthony Webb of the Revs intercepts the ball and returns it for 1 yard to the Texas 5-yard line.

Even with problems making extra points, Texas would score one more time and the Omaha Beef would make a touchdown as well. Heading into the second stanza, the Revolution leads 13-7.

Even with the Revolution leading by 6 points, the Beef feel like they have a chance at winning the game.

To start the second frame, the Revolution has the Ball. Under Center is quarterback Chris Dixon.

With the Revs at the Beef 14-yard line, Dixon passed the ball to who else, but Clinton Solomon who scored a TD.

Kicker Adam Peden missed the extra point again. 19-7 is the score with 13:22 till the second half. The Revs next position will begin on the 18-yard line.

Dixon found a hole on 1st & 10 for an 11-yard touchdown. Once again, the kick was no good.

However, that didn’t necessarily matter to Texas as they are leading 36-21 heading into the second half.

Second Half

While the fans were being entertained in the arena, the Texas Revolution and the Omaha Beef were strategizing on what to do in the second half.

Omaha began the second half with the ball, starting on the Revolution 18 yard-line

Lannott goes back to pass, finds LaDon Hudson as the pass is intercepted for a 7-yard return.

With control of the ball, the Revolution looked to score yet again.

The team drove down to the Beef’s eight yard-line, before Dixon slung the ball to running back Michael Dryer for a score.

The extra point was again missed, however Texas lead 42-21.

Entering the fourth stanza of the game the Omaha Beef had the Ball.

Knowing that they are pretty much out of it, they knew they had to try something.

Lannott looked to his right and then his left, before being tackled by DeAntre Harlan.

That sack eventually ended the Beef’s evening and the Texas Revolution is the 2017 Champions Indoor Football champions. The MVP of the game was Texas’ Clinton Solomon.