National Arena League Week One Takeaways

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Week one of the National Arena League is over. Before fans get ready for week two, there’s a few takeaways from what was seen the first week of the new league.

National Arena League Week One Takeaways

1. The Sharks Will Finish Undefeated With a Title

The Jacksonville Sharks were expected to come in and domaine the competition in the NAL. After one week, it’s looking like that’s what we’re headed for.

The Sharks come from the Arena Football League, the league with the most anticipated talent. They blew out the Columbus Lions in their first game. The Lions were expected to be the Sharks’ biggest competition, as well.

Columbus came into the new league after winning two titles in two different leagues the last two seasons. They also finished undefeated in 2016.

Other teams impressed, too, in Week 1, but it’s yet to be seen if they can compete with Jacksonville.

2. NAL More Talented Than IFL

There are really only two teams that stand out in the IFL – the Sioux Falls Storm and Wichita Falls Nighthawks. The Storm have won the last six United Bowl titles.

With the NAL, the High Country Grizzlies, Monterrey Steel, Lehigh Valley Steelhawks and Sharks all look like they could compete for the first ever NAL title. All teams played very well.

While Jacksonville will most likely show up in the title game, who will face them is up in the air. That will lead to excitement at the end of the season.

3. Panasuk Picks the Grizzlies Up

In their first ever game, the Grizzlies beat the Georgia Firebirds handily. No one knew what to expect from High Country, so them beating Georgia could come as a shock to some.

There seems to be one key to the team’s success – quarterback Stephen Panasuk. He has spent time with the Cleveland Gladiators. He brings Arena Football League talent to the National Arena League. With him under center, the Grizzlies look like they could have a successful first season.

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