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SummerSlam Preview: Enzo and Big Cass vs Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

SummerSlam Preview: Enzo and Big Cass vs Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

Enzo and Big Cass

From the moment that Enzo and Big Cass debuted on the April 4th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW they have been fan favorites. From Enzo’s smooth trash talking and high flying antics in the ring. To Big Cass’ seven foot tall butt kicking coming in from the hot tags and defending his smack talker sky walker partner. The team has been on a roll. Now at the biggest party of the summer they are going against the two biggest heels in the business right now in Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. 

Although Enzo and Cass have been fan favorites, their direction has taken some hard left turns. It seemed as though at one point they were destined to take the tag team titles off of the New Day. That was abruptly ended when Enzo took a brutal shot to the head and received a concussion for his efforts. The team can start rebuilding their path to gold with a clean win over Jericho and Owens

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

This Match has every chance of being a show stealer with two of the best talkers, and two of the best brawlers on the RAW brand going head to head. The build has been good, considering that creative rushed Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens together. Jericho is a 25-year veteran and he has gone through many transformations in his career. From the silly hairdos and facial hair, to a serious, suit wearing non talking heel.

Teaming up with Kevin Owens will only help make Owens star shine even brighter. Since Kevin Owens has debuted he has been the model of consistency on the mic, in the ring and even on commentary. From his vicious take no prisoners attitude in ring; to his strange fascination with Michael Cole and Byron Saxton he has been a real ratings grabber. This duo of heels can match Enzo and Big Cass in the ring and on the mic.


As far as the match goes as I previously stated it could truly steal the show both on the mic and on the ring. Both Chris Jericho and Enzo can match each other in trash talking. With Enzo taking pokes at Jericho’s weird scarfs and dad body; and Jericho taking pokes at Enzo’s unique style and small stature. On the other side of the card we have the behemoths of the match in Kevin Owens and Big Cass.

While it is true that Owens can run circles around Big Cass on the Mic. Big Cass’ height, strength, and empire elbow off the hot tag could take out the most prepared of tag teams. Every summer SummerSlam promises to be the biggest party of the summer. This match might just be the life of the party. It is hard to say who is gonna win this match, but no matter the outcome the entertainment factor will be through the roof.

While Chris Jericho will boost Kevin Owens star while they rub shoulders don’t expect the team to last too long. As they are both too valuable to the RAW brand as singles competitors. I would say expect a Owens vs Jericho match at the next pay-per-view.  As far as this tag match goes expect SummerSlam to be a New Day (pun intended) for the fan favorites on their way to main roster gold!


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