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Fantasy Football Mock Draft Breakdown: Part II

Fantasy Football Mock: The Fantasy Football Mock Draft season is in full swing. I had a second opportunity to complete a 12 team mock draft.

The Fantasy Football mock draft season is in full swing. I recently had my second opportunity to complete a twelve person mock draft from start to finish.  All drafters picked until completion, without anyone going on “auto-pilot.”  Mock drafts like these are invaluable in helping prepare for the fantasy season.  Not only did I have a full slate of actual drafters, I was again fortunate to have two other fantasy football analysts in the room: Jamey Eisenberg from, and Adam Pfeifer from  It was the second opportunity to draft with these great fantasy minds, and I learned a lot from our first mock draft.  For our second mock draft, I again examined each team by the following three criteria:

  • Projected starting points per week based on 2015 scoring.
  • Projected starting points per week based on 2016 projections.
  • My gut instinct on each team.

Who drafted the best running backs? Which team had the worst wide receivers? Who reached for a quarterback? Let’s start with reviewing the weakest team, and work our way up to the strongest.

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Fantasy Football Mock Draft Breakdown: Part II

Team:  TBay
Drafter: Parker (12th pick overall)
Points per week based on 2015:  97.6 (7th
Points per week based on projections:  93.2 (5th
Randle Ranking:  6th

Player Position Round Drafted Overall Pick Projected Fantasy Points 2015 Points
Cam Newton QB 2 13 375.6 458
Jamaal Charles RB 1 12 189 79
DeMarco Murray RB 3 36 143.4 140
Jarvis Landry WR 5 60 124.6 158
Jordan Matthews WR 6 61 133.6 145
Ryan Mathews RB-WR 4 37 143.4 103
Tyler Eifert TE 9 108 105.2 139
Roberto Aguayo K 13 156 112.1 121
Cincinnati Bengals DST 14 157 164 178
Devontae Booker RB 10 109 47.8 0
Kenyan Drake RB 12 133 68.4 0
T.J. Yeldon RB 8 85 113.4 119
Dorial Green-Beckham RB-WR 11 132 73.2 80
Kevin White RB-WR 7 84 97.8 0

SKINNY: The running back with the highest yards per carry in NFL history followed by the 2015 NFL MVP? A quality start for sure. However, DeMarco Murray in round three is as bad a pick as any in this draft.  There is no depth at running back and only if the mercurial Dorial Green-Beckham becomes fantasy relevant is their any depth on this entire team. I see a regression coming from Cam Newton. Last season’s MVP will still be a top quarterback, but not worthy of a second round pick. This team is top heavy, and has only average backups. Picking two players (Jordan Matthews and Ryan Mathews) on a Philadelphia Eagles team that will struggle simply cannot be good.  If this was a PPR league, this is a much better team.  The Newton/Charles combo is great, but it’s difficult to go higher than sixth overall for Parker’s team.

Team:  @JameyEisenberg
Drafter: Jamey Eisenberg, CBS Sports (6th pick overall)
Points per week based on 2015:  95.2 (9th
Points per week based on projections:  91.3 (8th)
Randle Rating:  5th

Player Position Round Drafted Overall Pick Projected Fantasy Points 2015 Points
Carson Palmer QB 8 91 309 378
Todd Gurley RB 1 6 219.8 186
Eddie Lacy RB 2 19 169.8 119
Randall Cobb WR 4 43 140.6 123
Mike Evans WR 3 30 149.2 136
Dion Lewis RB-WR 5 54 142 83
Zach Ertz TE 10 115 80.8 95
Dan Bailey K 14 163 125.9 125
Houston Texans DST 13 150 186 203
Giovani Bernard RB 6 67 120.8 132
Paul Perkins RB 11 126 71.8 0
Corey Coleman RB-WR 9 102 85.4 0
Chris Hogan RB-WR 12 139 42.8 57
DeVante Parker RB-WR 7 78 110.2 67

SKINNY:  Jamey’s draft proves to me that I should not start running back/running back in my own drafts.  There is too much wide receiver talent that goes by the board.  This team is good but not great. Mike Evans has top five wide receiver potential and Randall Cobb could end up as a top twelve wide receiver selected in round four. Paul Perkins and Corey Coleman may suffer typical rookie seasons and be non-factors. The news about Lacy and Starks splitting carries is concerning and puts a lot of pressure on Todd Gurley to outperform his 2015 rookie season. Gurley doesn’t catch passes, and is rarely on the field in third down situations.  Jamey is one of the best fantasy experts in the business, but this is probably a middle of the road team. His team rates at fifth overall.

Team:  Superbad
Drafter: Paul (8th pick overall)
Points per week based on 2015:  95.4 (8th)
Points per week based on projections:  96.9 (2nd)
Randle Ranking: 4th

Player Position Round Drafted Overall Pick Projected Fantasy Points 2015 Points
Andrew Luck QB 4 41 319.2 160
Latavius Murray  RB 3 32 143.8 163
Adrian Peterson RB 1 8 190.6 230
Dez Bryant WR 2 17 171.4 58
Jeremy Maclin WR 5 56 144 155
Emmanuel Sanders RB-WR 6 65 138 147
Ladarius Green TE 7 80 113.4 70
Mason Crosby K 14 161 140 116
Kansas City Chiefs DST 13 152 190 227
Eli Manning QB 9 104 302.4 357
Ben Roethlisberger QB 8 89 317.4 269
Darren Sproles RB 12 137 87.4 93
Jimmy Graham TE 10 113 85.6 72
Zach Miller TE 11 128 94 73

SKINNY:  Paul drafted a hit or miss team. Everyone forgets that Andrew Luck was a consensus first round fantasy football draft pick in 2015.  Grabbing him in round four could mean 45,00 yards and 35+ touchdowns. Adrian Peterson may be the only running back available who could realistically go over 1,500 yards rushing.  In 2016, it is simply way too risky to draft Peterson and not Jerick McKinnon, even if he has to reach.  Dez Bryant has looked great so far in the preseason, and Jeremy Maclin is the only reliable option for the Kansas City Chiefs. Drafting three quarterbacks makes no sense, especially because this team needs wide receiver depth.  His only backup running back is Darren Sproles. Not good.  He nailed a couple major studs, but his overall team leaves a lot to be desired.  Paul’s stud top strength will carry him, but overall his team ranks fourth.

Team:  @ffb_dope
Drafter: Rick (2nd pick overall)
Points per week based on 2015:  95.2 (10th
Points per week based on projections:  90.3 (11th)
Randle Rating:  3rd


Player Position Round Drafted Overall Pick Projected Fantasy Points 2015 Points
Matthew Stafford QB 11 122 289.2 353
Ezekiel Elliott RB 1 2 182.2 0
Mark Ingram RB 3 26 152.4 152
Julian Edelman WR 4 47 137.6 111
Alshon Jeffery WR 2 23 154.4 104
Danny Woodhead RB-WR 6 71 114.2 162
Greg Olsen TE 5 50 133.4 150
Justin Tucker K 12 143 134.5 136
Oakland Raiders DST 14 167 147 142
Tevin Coleman RB 8 95 53.8 40
Jordan Howard RB 9 98 77.2 0
DeAndre Washington RB 13 146 42.6 0
Michael Crabtree RB-WR 10 119 117 146
Larry Fitzgerald RB-WR 7 74 130 171

SKINNY: It has been rumored that Ezekiel Elliott will get 250-300 touches this season.  That would give him an opportunity that many other running backs won’t have.  Pairing him with Mark Ingram gives Rick two top running backs. If Elliott produces this team should be fine, however I just don’t see that happening to the level of a first round pick.  Julian Edelman and Alshon Jeffery should be solid contributors. Matthew Stafford will be a notch below the other quarterbacks, but Rick’s bench could bail him out.  Greg Olsen is a top three tight end with a very high floor. DeAndre Washington and Tevin Coleman are outstanding backup running backs.  Larry Fitzgerald is on the bench as a future Hall of Famer.  Excellent job by Rick.  This is a very solid all around top three mock team.  

Team:  @FtsyWarriorMike 
Drafter: Mike Randle, Last Word on Sports, RotoUnderworld (4th pick overall)
Points per week based on 2015:  101.2 (4th)
Points per week based on projections:  90.9 (10th)
Randle Ranking:  2nd


Player Position Round Drafted Overall Pick Projected Fantasy Points 2015 Points
Tom Brady QB 9 100 273.8 414
Melvin Gordon RB 5 52 109.6 75
Jeremy Hill RB 4 45 136.6 154
T.Y. Hilton WR 2 21 148.2 142
Julio Jones WR 1 4 203.8 233
Brandin Cooks RB-WR 3 28 145 168
Coby Fleener TE 7 76 107.2 69
Josh Brown K 14 165 131 140
Arizona Cardinals DST 11 124 193 224
Kirk Cousins QB 10 117 279.4 350
Duke Johnson RB 6 69 113.2 102
Kamar Aiken RB-WR 12 141 78 122
Tavon Austin RB-WR 8 93 121 140
Devin Funchess RB-WR 13 148 67.4 72

SKINNY: I went with my favorite mock draft strategy here:  wide receiver with the first three picks.  Then in rounds four and five, I grabbed two goal line backs:  Jeremy Hill and Melvin Gordon.  Duke Johnson is the first running back off the bench, and could be a starter with Hue Jackson as the head coach. Up to this point, this is my favorite team from all the mock drafts. Julio JonesT.Y. Hilton and Brandin Cooks are the best wide receiver core in this draft.  Coby Fleener was great value in round seven, and the pairing of Kirk Cousins and Tom Brady produces two quarterbacks in pass heavy offenses. And the Arizona Cardinals defense has a fantastic first seven games schedule. If I get this team in my real draft, I’d be thrilled.  This team rates second overall in this mock draft.  

Team:  @APfeifer24
Drafter: Adam Pfeifer 
Points per week based on 2015:  99.5 (5th)
Points per week based on projections:  95.5 (4th)
Randle Ranking:  1st


Player Position Round Drafted Overall Pick Projected Fantasy Points 2015 Points
Tyrod Taylor QB 10 114 281.6 309
David Johnson RB 1 7 196.4 173
Thomas Rawls RB 2 18 150.2 118
Brandon Marshall WR 4 42 160.2 230
Sammy Watkins WR 3 31 157.2 158
Michael Floyd RB-WR 5 55 141.2 120
Delanie Walker TE 6 66 123 149
Graham Gano K 14 162 132.8 150
Minnesota Vikings DST 13 151 186 185
Kenneth Dixon RB 9 103 91.4 0
Justin Forsett RB 8 90 91 91
Chris Johnson RB 11 127 53.4 100
Donte Moncrief RB-WR 7 79 111.8 109
Torrey Smith RB-WR 12 138 89.4 92

SKINNY: Similar to Jamey Eisenberg, Adam started by drafting back-to-back running backs. Both David Johnson and Thomas Rawls are goal line RB1s, which is rare in the NFL in 2016. Getting Brandon Marshall in round four is incredible value.  I love the Kenneth Dixon and Justin Forsett selections in back to back rounds (eight and nine).  One of those players will be the lead running back for the Baltimore RavensDonte Moncrief is his first wide receiver off the bench, which is a sign of incredible depth. The Ryan Fitzpatrick signing puts this as the team to beat.  He has stars at every position, and superb depth on his bench.  The only negative is he has no backup quarterback, but could easily find someone on the waiver wire.  Adam Pfeifer’s team ( rates as the best coming out of this mock draft.

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