Montee Ball Sentenced to 60 Days in Jail

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Former Denver Broncos and University of Wisconsin-Madison running back Montee Ball was given a 60-day jail sentence by Judge William Hanrahan in Dane County, Wisconsin. The jail time was in addition to an 18-month probation charge against Ball. He received these after pleading guilty to charges in battery and disorderly conduct. The New York Daily News, among others covered the story.

Montee Ball Sentenced to 60 Days in Jail

Ball received the 60 days in the form of two consecutive 30-day sentences from two separate domestic abuse incidents. One occurred in February at a hotel where Ball hit his girlfriend. The other incident happened in March. It also occurred in a hotel, although with a separate girlfriend. She said Ball choked her and also threw a phone at her.

Ball’s battery charge can be erased if he follows his set probation guideline. This guideline includes not drinking alcohol, not being in a place that sells or serves alcohol, being treated for alcohol dependency and domestic violence behavior, as well as not being near the women who he harmed.

According to Judge Hanrahan told Ball that there was a big difference from hitting these women than hitting men on a football field who are wearing uniforms and helmets. He also said that he hurt the women physically and emotionally. As a result, he lost their trust and the trust of his supporters.

Alcohol Issues

Erika Bierma represented Ball and told Judge Hanrahan that Ball was getting help for his alcohol problem. Between that and his lack of a criminal record, she felt that put him in a good position for probation. Hanrahan agreed that the alcohol treatment can help him in certain areas. However, he said it would not fully help his domestic violence behavior.

The Broncos cut the former Wisconsin Badger after the 2015 preseason. He played his only two years in the NFL with them in 2013 and 2014. He played in 21 games, rushing for 731 yards while scoring five touchdowns.

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