Scary Times for NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Wow what a week for NASCAR and it’s fans.  Like the saying goes ” your only as good as your best player” and we learned some scary news.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced last week that he would be out of the 88 for New Hampshire’s race last Sunday, as well as at least one more race.

The sports most adored driver was suffering from concussion like symptoms, and it is not good. This writer was at the race in Loudon last week and talked to some fans and all their answers were the same, ” hope he’s okay, his health is most important, but we want him back soon“. Earnhardt Jr. announced he was suffering from what he thought was a sinus infection, but upon further doctor’s test’s, it was found to be worse.

Scary Times for NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Earnhardt Jr. said he is suffering from nausea and dizziness and he is unable to drive. With most concussion symptoms it varies from person to person as to the length and severity; as well as how long it takes to work through them.

Earnhardt Jr. confirmed his health is most important to him and his number one goal is to live a normal and healthy life, to which nearly all fans agree. However here could be the alarming truth, he has enough money to retire tomorrow and live a fairy tale life; and he also has enough business interests to keep him busy. Sure every racer wants to race, but as Earnhardt Jr. gets older, and the competition gets stronger, fans must hope retirement does not creep into his thoughts.

Earnhardt Jr. can come back soon and compete but as each year passes the chances of him winning a championship passes as well.

Jeff Gordon’s Return

Now for some exciting news, the 88 continued to compete and it had four-time champ and NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon driving. He will take the car out again, with Earnhardt Jr. remaining on the shelf.

Fresh from his driving retirement and while on a family vacation in France, Gordon received a text from Rick Hendrick simply saying ” call me”.  Gordon said that when you receive a text like that, you call right away.

So Gordon flew to the Hendrick Motorsports shop to prepare to drive for at least  two races. Earnhardt Jr. tweeted this week he see’s improvement in his recovery which is great news. With Tony Stewart driving his final year, NASCAR does not want to think of Earnhardt Jr. possibly facing the same scenario sooner rather than later.

So let’s hope Earnhardt Jr. is back soon and while we wait, let’s enjoy having Jeff Gordon back for a few trips around the tracks.

Main Photo: TALLADEGA, AL – OCTOBER 18:  Dale Earnhardt Jr., driver of the #88 Diet Mountain Dew Chevrolet, stands on the grid during qualifying for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway on October 18, 2014 in Talladega, Alabama.  (Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/NASCAR via Getty Images)

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