LQP#53 – Premier League Off-Season Review

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The Loaded Questions Podcast has returned after a hiatus over the summer. Adam, Troy and Ryan return to discuss the off-season so far transfer wise, talking how well or not well each club has gone so far. What are the major talking points of the big clubs? What’s the latest on Paul Pogba?

Premier League Off-Season Review

Arsenal – are they going to get what they need? What is that?

Chelsea – what else do they need? Winning the window?

Leicester – can they recover without Kante? good squad fillers?

Liverpool – what are they doing?

Manchester City – what are your expectations?

Manchester United – will it be Pogba? Closing the gap?

Tottenham – content with what they’ve got?

West Ham – kept their stars, added quality? Aimed too high?

The rest: who is disappointing you? Who is impressing you?


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