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Confessions of an Irrational Fan

So you're an irrational fan who has crazy expectations or will defend your favorite player or team to the bitter end? You're going to fit in just fine here.

Can we talk for a minute?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a baseball fan, which is awesome! If you aren’t, maybe you just have an obsession with me, which is equal parts flattering and creepy.

I digress.

We’re only a week into the new season and I’m sure there are many of you out there that are irrationally excited about something; whether it be Trevor Story’s historic start to the season, the hot start of the Baltimore Orioles, or the powder keg that is the Chicago Cubs lineup (sad face for Kyle Schwarber), there is something out there for everyone.

For me personally, I’m already over the moon about the New York Yankees “Prestige Worldwide” middle infield of Starlin Castro  and Didi Gregorius.

In my defense, I was already excited about the acquisition of Castro over the off-season, and I was probably higher on Gregorius than most people were heading into the season; but I am all in on these two guys now.

Being a Yankee fan for all these years, I’m used to seeing the team go after high price free agents like CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeria. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy I root for a team that isn’t afraid to spend money (sometimes very recklessly) in order to compete; but the youth movement the team has embarked on the last few years has been refreshing.

For as much money as the Yankees spent, their most recent dynasty was a resulted of developing the “Fantastic Five”, because you better believe Bernie Williams should be grouped in with the “Core Four”.

As great as it is to spend money on players, it’s equally exciting to latch on to a prospect or young player and watch him build is way up the system or become a star on the team. For me, I immediately gravitated to Robinson Cano because he was one of the few young players in the previous decade that truly made a lasting impact on the team.

With the Yankees new mantra of going after young players who have fallen out of favor with their old teams for one reason or another, whether it be Castro, Gregorius, or Aaron Hicks; I have a chance to root for these young guys to really make an impact.

The starting middle infielders for the Yankees are both 26 or under, which in it of itself is mind-blowing to me. These are guys that are still young and are hopefully going to get better as they enter the prime of their careers.

Castro has made an immediate impact and has already pushed himself up the Yankees lineup with his early season production. Now can I expect him to hit .450 all year? Of course not, but that’s not the point.

Likewise, Gregorius, who is a lifetime .254 hitter is hitting .333 with 3 RBIs through only a handful of games. I don’t honestly believe he’ll drive in that many runs or even come close to hitting like throughout the season, but again, we’re missing the point.

Small sample sizes be damned, both of these guys have me legitimately excited that Yankees have the foundation in place once the old guard finally retires.

I could also talk for days about how the Yankees top prospects could impact the lineup, but let’s just say that by the start of the 2018, we could be looking at a lineup that features Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez, Jorge Mateo, and Aaron Judge in addition to Castro, Gregorious, and perhaps Hicks. All of guys would be under 30. My mouth is drooling just think about all those possibilities.

Now realistically, all is takes is one prolonged slump or injury to bring these guys back to earth in the coming weeks, but I don’t care. The whole reason fans look forward to the start of a new season is for a reason to get irrationally excited about their team.

For me, I’m latching on to Gregorius and Castro and never letting go.

Prestige. Worldwide.

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