Ter'Ran Benton back in Iowa, Embraces Hometown Feel

Ter’Ran Benton came from Arlington, Texas, but is best known for the highlights he has made in Iowa.

Benton first impressed the state when he arrived on the scene at Iowa State, earning 58 tackles during his junior year in Ames.

Ter’Ran Benton back in Iowa, Embraces Hometown Feel

Benton grabbed another 66 his senior year, however none of those were the highlight of his final college season. Benton sealed Iowa State’s double-overtime upset win against #2 Oklahoma State, in what was one of the most historical wins in school history.

It appeared he would ride off into the sunset after sending the Cyclones to a bowl game, however, Benton was not out of the spotlight for long, signing with the Barnstormers late in the 2012 season. The defensive back was an immediate fan favorite, being from Iowa State.

He stayed with the team through the 2014 season, but after the Barnstormers switched leagues, Benton was dealt to the Los Angeles Kiss.

Almost every single player on the AFL roster for Iowa had departed after hearing the news of the switch to the IFL. It looked as though the IFL was just another scrappy, thrown-together Indoor League.

However, that interpretation has done a complete 180. The AFL appears to be headed downhill while the IFL is blossoming. That’s part of the reason Ter’Ran Benton is choosing to return to the Barnstormers.

“Im not going to downgrade the AFL, but there’s a lot of things going on right now with the AFL that’s looking really bad,” Benton said. “You cannot go to a team that you don’t even know that’s gonna be there. I just felt like after a lot of praying and discussion with my family, to stay here.”

Benton is referring to his former AFL team, Los Angeles, where he could have returned if he wanted to this season. However, he is making the decision to stay in Iowa this season.

The AFL is down to eight just eight teams – it’s lowest total since the 1991 season, when it was still getting it’s feet under it.

“Another thing is in the AFL they just want you to be there. I went to Iowa State and I’ve played here a couple years and this is a team I feel like where I need to be,” Benton said. “At least I’ll be playing for a team that the fans actually love you and not a team that loves you just because you’re on the Kiss team.”

It’s almost as if fans are being spoiled this season, as two other former Cyclones will join Benton in Des Moines. Those two being Ernst Brun and Aaron Wimberly.

“I was with Ernst when we went to the Pinstripe Bowl, (2011) he came [to Iowa State] when I was going into my senior year,” Benton said. It’s just like brotherly love, coming back here is like déjà vu.”

“It’s always a good time to have Cyclone family with me,” Benton said.