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Minor League Baseball: Take Me Out to a Ball Game

Reflecting on my love for Minor League Baseball.

I have always had a soft spot for minor league teams, when I was last home I was able to enjoy a handful of Springfield Cardinals games and rather enjoyed them. The Springfield Cardinals are the AA affiliate to the St. Louis Cardinals and are located in Springfield, MO. By placing a minor league team in Springfield which is about three hours from St. Louis and also 3 hours from Kansas City it places an even tighter stronghold on the community and the amount of Cardinals fans you will find in Missouri. There is also a new minor league team in Joplin called the Miners that are not affiliated with any MLB team which I feel like the Royals should work hard to invest into to help get somewhat of a hold as well in the area but I digress.

Minor League Baseball: Take Me Out to a Ball Game

One of my favorite things about minor league teams is the affordability. That’s also a strong point about MLB over the other leagues is that the games are a little more affordable of course you can do that when you play as many games as baseball plays but it is still a solid point.

Minor league teams also do a very good job of keeping the fans entertained with doing different activities and events in between the innings as well as provide good deals to the fans. Some nights will be dollar hot dog nights or dollar brats, another night will be dollar beers. These deals make it even more of an affordable night to either hang out with your buddies or go take the family out to a game.

I have always felt personally that baseball is one of the best sports to watch live, I get it when people say the sport is boring whenever they watch it on television but to be at a game and relax with a cold beer in your hand is one of the greatest pleasures of the summer. A night game at a baseball park in the summer is truly one of my personal favorite things to do regardless if it is a minor league team or a major league team.

My love for minor league teams is also how I got into hockey as of late. Growing up in southwest Missouri hockey has never been a huge priority when it comes to sports to play or watch. However I moved to Alaska for 3 years and there was a hockey team in Anchorage that I went to go check out. They were the Alaska Aces and were just a year removed from winning the 2014 Kelly Cup. My wife and I got free tickets to go check out a game and we figured what the hell might as well go see what it is about. We both thoroughly enjoyed our time at the game plus we got great seats. Only about four rows up from the ice between the home team’s bench and the goal. It was actually a pretty high scoring game and even featured a hat trick so that was fun to watch.

Now that we have left Alaska and moved to New Mexico we regret not going to more Aces games and I am currently looking for a minor league team that is located somewhat near Clovis, New Mexico. It could be football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, anything I don’t care. Every minor league game I go and see I find it to be enjoyable. Technology now might be making some sports easier to watch at home on TV but somehow minor league teams keep the magic of going to see a game live a great experience. So go out and support your minor league teams plus you never know when you are watching a future superstar start to really develop his craft.

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