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Questions Going into NFL Week 13

Which teams still have a fighting chance to be in the playoffs? Here are questions many are asking heading into NFL Week 13.

Which teams still have a fighting chance to be in the playoffs? Here are questions many are asking heading into NFL Week 13.

Questions Going into NFL Week 13

Can the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills get into playoff position?

There are many teams that are in a battle for that last wild card spot in both the AFC and the NFC. There are some teams that aren’t being looked at as having a chance to make it, but I’m here to tell you that anything is possible when it comes to a team trying to get to the playoffs. The teams that are somewhat far away but still have a chance would be the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills.

For the recently red hot Lions, if they beat Green Bay this Thursday, then the rest of their schedule looks pretty easy at the pace that they are playing at. This includes one last divisional game at Chicago, a few games on the road in New Orleans and St. Louis, and an easy home game versus the 49ers. Like I said, if the Lions can get past the Packers, then don’t be surprised if you keep seeing their name in the battle for that last NFC wild card spot.

As for the Bills, their schedule is a tad bit tougher, but include some matchups that they could win. Most of these tough matchups are at home and Buffalo is a very tough place to play. As long as they can stay healthy and Rex Ryan can keep this team believing, they’re another team that I expect to hang around and possibly sneak into the playoffs.

If Denver wins this week, do they stick with Brock Osweiler when Peyton Manning comes back?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I think Osweiler should be the starter for the rest of the year. He doesn’t turn the ball over and he plays smart football. His resume already looks impressive as he has beaten a tough Chicago Bears team on the road along with taking down the almighty New England Patriots at home. He has confidence in himself and the team around him and the feeling is mutual. I don’t see why Denver would turn back to an old, beaten up Manning who leads the league in turnovers this year. Win or lose, Denver needs to let Manning know that the future is now with Osweiler.

Who wants to win the NFC East?

This division is still up for grabs because every team is within three games of each other. Washington is in the lead after beating the Giants at home last week and has looked like the best team in that division, but they’re only up a game. The Giants are still trying to find their identity, the Eagles are a train wreck in every aspect right now, and the Cowboys didn’t realize that they should’ve rested Tony Romo for the rest of the year instead of throwing him in there too soon.

Overall, I’m going to give this division to the Redskins at the end of the year because of how healthy they are right now. Kirk Cousins has established himself as the leader of the offense, and I think they know that all they have to do is win two to three more games to take this division. In the end though, it should be interesting how close this race for the division finishes.

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