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DraftKings Week 6 Fantasy Football Lineup

Welcome to the Last Word on Sports NFL DraftKings Week 6 Lineup.


It’s too bad Jamaal Charles got hurt last week, or I would have had something special on my hands with that lineup. Oh yeah except for the Owen Daniels call. That was horrible. I guess a good match up doesn’t guarantee anything. I’m still targeting the Raiders with tight ends when they are off of their bye week though. Anyway, the lineup scored 137 points, which wasn’t even good enough to cash in most double ups last week. Well that was depressing, time to stop looking back and move on to this week. Here we go:

DraftKings Week 6 Lineup

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals Quarterback, $6600

I seriously can’t believe this guy’s price hasn’t risen more, but I’m not complaining. Palmer is tied for second in the NFL in fantasy points per drop back (Andy Dalton is first, what world are we living in?). As long as he has more than the 18 pass attempts that he had last week, we should be looking at another full stat line, especially given his match up with the porous Pittsburgh Steelers secondary.

Arian Foster, Houston Texans Running Back, $7000

Last week Foster only had 41 rushing yards, but he more than made up for that with 77 receiving yards on a healthy nine receptions. Given his prominent place in both the Texans’ rushing and passing game, he’s a no  brainer play at this injury depressed price. Also, the Texans are playing the Jaguars, who got torn apart by Doug Martin last week. I love this match up and player. Foster is good. Sometimes it’s that simple.

Dion Lewis, New England Patriots Running Back, $5800

I used Lewis last week, and I’m going to continue to use him no matter how high his price gets. He is the primary passing down back of a pass happy, chuck-tastic offense led by Tom Brady. He’s going to get targets every single week, and even if the game flow works against him, he still has a solid fantasy point floor because of those targets. On the full point per reception DraftKings, he is going to be a cornerstone in my lineups all year.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver, $7000

Larry Fitzgerald is tied for first in the NFL in points per snap played amongst wide receivers (PPR scoring) with Julio Jones. Jones is $2200 more expensive than Fitzgerald this week! Obviously at this point in their careers, Jones is more explosive than Fitzgerald and can score more points in any given week, so the price gap is somewhat warranted. However, to this point in the season they are scoring at the same pace, so give me the value play here in Fitzgerald. It works nicely as a stack with Carson Palmer, and Fitzgerald will have a plus match up often going up against the Steelers’ slot corner William Gay.

Donte Moncrief, Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver, $5000

Last week Andre Johnson finally showed up for the Colts, much to the chagrin of Donte Moncrief owners everywhere. I consider this more of a blip on the radar and not the start of a trend. Moncrief has run more routes than Johnson this year, and he still played the same amount of snaps as Johnson did last week. Andrew Luck should be returning this week, and that only adds to the case for Moncrief because all of Andre Johnson’s production came with Matt Hasselbeck under center. The Colts are going to be playing catch up all night against the Patriots, so Moncrief will be running plenty of routes and catching plenty of passes.

Allen Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars Wide Receiver, $5900

So it turns out that the Jaguars might actually have a decent offense. Blake Bortles scored 29 fantasy points last week, and he ranks in the top ten in passing yards. Allen Robinson has benefited from this competency, even though he has only caught 48% of his targets. That is an abnormally low number so at some point he will start catching more of the targets, which will directly translate to more fantasy points. Currently he’s been outscored by teammate Allen Hurns, but with Robinson’s 18.1 average depth of target he has much more potential week to week. Not to mention more talent.

Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans Tight End, $3600

Walker has only played in three out of the four Titans’ games this season, but still ranks second on the team with 19 targets. You won’t find any player who receives this large a share of his team’s offense at this price at any position, let alone tight end. He hasn’t had a huge game yet, but it’s coming, and quite possibly it will be this week against the Miami Dolphins.

Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons Running Back, $7000

I am not fading Devonta Freeman ever again. Nope, no way, no how, not going to do it. He leads all running backs in touchdowns, fantasy points, is tied for second in receptions, and tied for third in rushing yards. The Falcons play the abysmal Rob Ryan led defense of the New Orleans Saints in the Thursday night game, and I want all of the Devonta Freeman shares I can get. Forever and ever. Til death do us part. I look forward to our life together, Devonta.

San Francisco 49ers, Defense/Special Teams, $2100

This is the cheapest a defense has been on DraftKings all season. Normally I wouldn’t toy around with the idea of playing the 49ers defense, but this price is the reason I was able to use all of those great players I just mentioned. They play the Baltimore Ravens this week, so it’s not like they are going up against an offensive juggernaut. Joe Flacco and his banged up receivers do not scare me enough to avoid using the Niners at a price this cheap. As long as the Niners don’t go into negative numbers here, everything above zero is gravy.


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