Fabber’s Believe It Or Not, Catching On and Week 4 Fantasy

Fabber’s Believe It Or Not, Catching On and Week 4 Fantasy

Imagine how cool I must have been in fifth grade with my red hair, buck teeth and Velcro shoes. That is right: Velcro shoes!!!!! I didn’t learn how to tie my shoes till midway through my fifth grade year.

It was not because my mom and dad didn’t try to teach me or even my three older brothers and two older sisters. They all tried to teach me about loops and bunny ears and all other weird analogies to get the process. It was not because they did not spend the time for me to get it, it was that I didn’t take the time to understand it.

I never focused on how to make the shoe stay tied or even how to finish tying them. I never practiced or tried really after they walked away from showing me how they did it. I was being lazy.

I also made a cruise ship out of excuses about it being too hard, too time consuming, too silly and so on. The time I spent doing all the whining and excuse making I could have been practicing doing it.

I being in Velcro shoes was no one’s fault but mine. So anything that came from that is on me. I was not very good at taking ownership when I was young but now I will admit it was my fault, my responsibility. I cannot put that responsibility on anyone but myself.

This is like fantasy football. We can make a million excuses why your team is under achieving or losing games. You can blame me, the players, the coaches and on and on. You can use all the tissues and say all the ifs and buts you can imagine but at the end of the day your team is on you!

You got some guys not producing the way you were hoping? Well package them together and make a move. You have the waiver wire every week to help you. You can trade to every other team in the league. Sure, we all have some fun sucking team owners in every league. Trust me I have some in my league and that is filled with so-called friends.

Some guys overvalue guys and some guys undervalue guys. It is just the nature of the beast but we are three weeks in (almost four) and we all see what players are doing. Players like Jeremy Hill,  Justin Forsett, CJ Anderson and Andre Johnson all have lost most value. Now these guys like any other player could rebound to save the year. Others will fall off and lose what they built this season.

If you do not like what you got make some moves. The draft is just the beginning, it is by no means near the end. If the draft is the only work you put it you will lose 90% of the time. You have to hunt the waiver wire. You could always try to trade, sell high or buy low to turn a season around.

When you try all of those options and still cannot get it done, well then you smile and say it wasn’t your year. Sometimes that’s all we can do.

This is my weekly column where I talk about players I believe in and some not so much. This is not a start one player over another and I will not call out the obvious. If you have any questions tweet me @Coach_Mikefx and I will answer them. Thanks for reading and good luck.



Cam Newton, Panthers

Everyone is starting to believe what I have been preaching for weeks. Cam Newton is a top-tier fantasy quarterback and that should continue this week. The Bucs only give up slightly over 15 fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks this year. But when you add that to the running ability of Cam and the play-calling allowing him to take it in close to the end zone it should be well over 20 points this week.

Andy Dalton, Bengals

Yes he is a fellow redhead but it is more than that this week. He has the best match-up you can have at this point. The Chiefs are the worst fantasy defense against opposing quarterbacks and have a short week. This should be a big game for Dalton and his red hair.

Eli Manning, Giants

He has a great match-up against the forth worst defense towards opposing quarterbacks in fantasy in the Bills. His offense is pass early and pass often and he has playmakers on the outside. This should be one of his good games this week with extra time to prepare.

Running Backs

Melvin Gordon, Chargers

I know he is a roller coaster of a ride but this is one of the peaks. The Browns defense is the third worst rushing defense in the entire NFL. They give up over 25 points to opposing running backs. This is one of those games he can gain confidence and fantasy points

Isaiah Crowell, Browns

He is another back that is taking his owners on a roller coaster ride through three weeks. His performance depends on how the game is going. If his team is behind he will lose touches. If it is close or they are ahead he will get his. He is playing the second worst rushing fantasy defense. He should be able to pull his weight this week.

Karlos Williams, Bills

He is part of a run heavy Buffalo Bills offense. He has scored double figure fantasy points all three weeks and this week he is the lead back. He will get plenty of opportunities to show what he can do and he is no fluke.

Wide Receivers

Marvin Jones, Bengals

Great match-up meets great ability. He is not just a flash in the pan. Two years ago he was a flex or WR2 option for some teams. He can play and he is fully healthy again. If you were lucky enough to get him you should play him.

Rueben Randle, Giants

The focus will be on ODB, which will free Randle up. We saw last week he can make plays. We will see it again this week with extra reps and rest. His team will air it out and Randle should be able to capitalize on it.

Brandon Marshall, Jets

The feel good story will continue for another week. I might not like him over the whole season but I do like him this week. He has a great match-up going against the Dolphins who give up almost 26 fantasy points to opposing receivers. Eric Decker is not 100% if he even plays so Marshall will be the guy.

Tight Ends

Jason Witten, Cowboys

Weeden will not throw deep because he is too scared to make a mistake. He will run often and check down quickly. That is good for Witten who faces one of the worst defenses when it comes to covering tight ends. He should be solid for any line-up.

Charles Clay, Bills

He has scored a touchdown in each of his last two games. They move him around to make sure he has the opportunity to get the ball in the offense. He plays against the fourth worst defense when it comes to covering tight ends. If you need more info you already missed it.


Robbie Gould, Bears

Dan Bailey, Cowboys

Nick Folk, Jets







Teddy Bridgewater, Vikings

He has not found the way to coexist with AP. He took a giant step back this year in production. Vikings receivers are banged up other than Mike Wallace. They are facing the best fantasy defense against opposing quarterbacks.

Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins

Yes, he is a top ten fantasy quarterback but this is not his week. He plays the second toughest fantasy defense for quarterbacks in England. I love him this year but not this week.

Sam Bradford, Eagles

He is definitely one of the quarterbacks that are not living up to the hype of the preseason. He is too safe with the ball and doesn’t give enough time for the play to develop. The O-line is suspect at best for the Eagles and inconsistent running game is killing them as well.

Running Backs

Ameer Abdullah, Lions

He is a playmaker and clearly the lead back for the team but this week it doesn’t matter. The Seattle defense is stifling when it comes to the run. The Lions are not dedicated to running the ball and they might not be close enough to run in this game.

Jeremy Hill, Bengals

Another top draft pick disappointing this year will continue as well. He has really lost confidence in his ability and lost the ball to Giovani Bernard. Less carries and a tough opponent will make this week hell for Hill owners.

Wide Receivers

Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

I love the reemergence of Fitz but this week is not his week. He has a tough match-up and more weapons coming back from injury. The defense will key on him and make someone else beat them.

Mike Evans, Bucs

He is on Normans Island (ok not the same). Josh Norman is making the case to be known as a lockdown corner. This week Evans will be his victim. He might not even get 60 yards.

Terrance Williams, Cowboys

When Dez Bryant went down we all thought Williams would step up to be the man. Well the problem with that is Weeden is too scared to throw the ball deep making Williams less important. The offense with Weeden is horrible for Williams. He is a bench now and often.

Tight Ends

Jordan Reed, Redskins

He has been big this year but this is a rough one for him. The Eagles are tough against this position and should try to take this option away from Cousins. I look for Garcon to have a better game than Reed.

Heath Miller, Steelers

Many people love the idea of playing this player with Vick but they shouldn’t. Baltimore is absolutely beast at stopping tight-ends. They literally give up something like ONE point on average to tight-ends. That is CRAY-CRAY.

Jordan Cameron, Dolphins

Love this guy for the season but not this weekend. He is banged up and facing the third best team covering the tight ends. Tannehill doesn’t throw deep much and Landry takes the underneath routes. He is an all around bad play.


Andrew Franks, Dolphins

Kyle Brindza, Bucs

Cairo Santos, Chiefs





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