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DraftKings Week 3 Lineup

Welcome to the Last Word on Sports NFL DraftKings Week 3 Lineup.

Last week’s lineup scored a measly 77 points, and placed 377k out of 383k lineups. So about as bad as I could have possibly done. I probably would have been better off not even writing last week’s article. I probably should have just went swimming instead. If you listened to my advice you probably agree. You probably wish I would have chugged a pool full of chlorine water rather than give out that crappy DraftKings lineup. But everything will be okay, I’m not going to let one bad week phase me, and you shouldn’t either. These things happen. I felt good about my choices, but they just didn’t work out. It happens. I assure you that it won’t happen this week, however, because I trust my process enough to know that it will win out in the end. I’m done talking now. Let’s get to the picks.


DraftKings Week 3 Lineup

Peyton Manning, Quarterback, $7400

There might not be any stat I can give you about Peyton Manning this year to convince you to play him in your lineup. If you’ve watched any of the Denver Bronco games so far this year, you can see that something seems off about Manning. This should be attributed to the poor fit he is for Gary Kubiak’s core offense, not any drop off in his quarterbacking prowess. Manning was running bootlegs last week for goodness sake. Once he started running the offense out of the shotgun, everything started clicking. There will be much more shotgun this week against the Detroit Lions, and that will translate to a big day for Manning. I’m foregoing statistics with this pick and going with my gut. Sometimes that just needs to be done.

Jamaal Charles, Running Back, $7400

Jamaal Charles and the Kansas City Chiefs play against a Green Bay Packers defense that held Marshawn Lynch in check last week, but allowed a hefty 141 yards to Matt Forte in Week 1. Game flow dictated much of the Seahawks’ offense last week, to the detriment of Lynch. The flow of the game should have no effect on Jamaal Charles either way because he is just as effective in the passing game as he is in the run game. He also put up 125 yards on the ground last week against a very stout Denver Broncos defense. Don’t be afraid to pay up to get Charles this week.

Melvin Gordon, Running Back, $5000

The love for Danny Woodhead has gotten out of control. I realize he is a very useful player and has put together two decent games already this season. I’m not saying he won’t have a good game this week either, but Melvin Gordon still exists. He is the number one running back of the San Diego Chargers and will continue to get carries and increased opportunities in the passing game as the season progresses. Gordon has more carries than Woodhead, more yards per carry, and more yards after contact. He is a gifted running back, and the hate has gone too far. Get him in your lineup before he puts up his first big stat line, not after.

Demaryius Thomas, Wide Receiver, $8000

This is just a straightforward stack with Peyton Manning. Thomas has yet to catch a touchdown pass this year, and that will change sooner rather than later. It also helps that his price has gotten slightly depressed too due the lack of touchdowns and emergence of Emmanuel Sanders. Roll out one of the best receivers in the NFL with confidence.

Brandon Marshall, Wide Receiver, $6200

Brandon Marshall has scored a touchdown in each game this season, and has received 40% of the Jets’ total targets to this point. Ryan Fitzpatrick will continue to throw to him, and being one of the NFL’s most talented receivers over the past five years, I like his chances matched up against the downtrodden Byron Maxwell. Maxwell was dominated by Julio Jones in Week 1 to the tune of 141 yards and 2 touchdowns. Then in Week 2 Terrence Williams of the Dallas Cowboys had 84 yards and a touchdown (which was thrown by backup quarterback Brandon Weeden). I’d bet on Marshall roasting Maxwell over and over again this Sunday.

Kendall Wright, Wide Receiver, $5000

I’m going to the well one more time with Kendall Wright. Last week Eric Decker dominated the Indianapolis Colts playing out of the slot (79% of his routes have been run out of the slot this year). Kendall Wright should be able to replicate that performance against the Colts. Wright has run 77% of his routes this year out of the slot.

Kyle Rudolph, Tight End, $3300

Teddy Bridgewater is a very conservative quarterback, and the Vikings call very conservative plays. Not a lot of deep passes, and plenty of safe throws to the middle of the field, often to their tight end Kyle Rudolph. Rudolph leads the Vikings in targets and receptions through two games. You won’t find a much cheaper number one receiving option this week, or any week for that matter. I should also add they are playing the San Diego Chargers, who surrendered a touchdown to a tight end each of the first two games this season.

Devonta Freeman, Wide Receiver, $4600

Freeman is starting this week because Tevin Coleman is out with a rib injury. I like the low risk of a cheap running back who catches passes out of the backfield (11 targets, 7 receptions through two games). Add in the higher ceiling due to getting a bigger workload this week, and Freeman is a perfect flex option.

New England Patriots, Defense/Special Teams, $3100

Arguably the best team in the NFL playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars? Sign me up. Not even Blake Bortles can save them from this fate. Seriously, Blake Bortles is not going to save them. He’s not very good and likes to throw interceptions (in Bortles’ defense, he has played better this year, but still not great).


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