Last Word SC: Stephen Holroyd talks Bethlehem Steel FC, ASL

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(Podcast) – Tonight, Matt, Russ, and Ty take a look back at American soccer history with soccer maven Steve Holroyd, of Philly Soccer Page. They look back nearly a century when the American Soccer league were poaching top players from Europe, and Bethlehem Steel FC walked the earth creating their own footballing dynasty right here in North America. What happen to the ASL? And are we seeing history repeat itself with the recent struggle between NASL and the US Soccer Federation bubbling to the surface? Steve dishes on this and more, including a bold prediction for the Philadelphia Union in the US Open Cup final!

Then, Chicago Fire insider Jeff Krause (Fire Confidential Live) joins the boys to talk about Hunter Jumper’s recent internet melt down and the dumpster fire that is currently burning Chicago soccer fans everywhere.

All this and more in a supersized Last Word SC Radio!

For more on Bethlehem Steel FC, read Russ McKenzie’s full interview with Stephen Holroyd here.

Roger Cleaves is a Business Major at Sacramento State and a six year Navy Vet, but more importantly an avid soccer fan and coach. Growing up in Northern California he began playing and watching soccer at a young age. While visiting family in Washington State he attended a Seattle Sounders game and fell in love with the team. Always learning about the intricacies of the sport, he considers himself a student of the game and looks to share his knowledge to the masses every Thursday night.

Tyler Bailey is an undergraduate student at Fordham University in New York City and covers NYCFC and the USMNT as an analyst for Last Word on Sports. He’s an avid musician, a member of Fordham University Men’s Club Soccer (Go Rams!), an unpredictable Twitter personality, and a soccer hipster. He loves cats and the beautiful game.

Matt Pollard is a Chemical Engineering Grad Student and Staff Writer for the MLS department at Last Word on Sports. When he’s not playing with fire, he’s going for a run, trying a microbrewery, or watching sports. His first sports love was the LA Kings, though MLS didn’t exist at the time. Once called the Shakespeare of the department, he describes himself as a typical tuba playing Ginger Ninja, Environmental Crusader, Sports Hipster, and Miami Hurricane. Like the Galaxy, he too was handcrafted in LA

Alec Rivera is a Major League Soccer Editor at Last Word on Sports; a longtime fan of both the sport and the league, he has been delighted to cover D.C. United as a writer for the past several months. He grew up playing soccer from the age of three and, for the longest time, refused to even acknowledge any other sport except in passing. Nowadays, he is not so discriminatory to the lesser sports. Except hockey. Because ice makes him cold. #VamosUnited #GoNats #GoRavens #GoWizards #DCrising

Russ “Big Mick” McKenzie is the head of the MLS department at Last Word on Sports, and has spent a tremendous amount of time on the radio in the past, with WSIA 88.9 NY, WZBT 91.1 PA, and has own independent podcast, The Psychedelic Toaster Show. There are 5 things he loves – his wife, his dog, technology, beer, and good sport. He spends most of his free time thinking about tactical changes on his beloved New York Red Bulls. He also enjoys herding cats and arguing with trees.