In a Word – Rent a Player – Bo Ryan, Jordan Spieth, Duke Blue Devils, Wisconsin Badgers, more.


One thing coaches should learn is to be good sports, even after a heartbreaking loss. When coaches act like cry babies and poor sports it reflects negatively on them, especially when they make disparaging comments regarding their opponents.

After Wisconsin lost to Duke in last Monday’s National Championship game head coach Bo Ryan made a comment that Wisconsin doesn’t do “rent a player”. He seemed to be taking a jab at Duke and inferring that they sign players to scholarships for the short-term.

Last week a Wisconsin player announced he was leaving early for the NBA draft. Some defenders of Ryan claim his comments were taken out of context but I’m not a mind reader and I blame Ryan for making idiotic comments.

In a Word – Rent a Player – Bo Ryan, Jordan Spieth, Duke Blue Devils, Wisconsin Badgers, more.

It looks like Ryan rents players as well. In this age of college sports, you can never no which players will leave college early for the NBA draft.

Ryan looks like a clown and a poor sport. I was happy when Wisconsin lost in the championship game and now I think Ryan looks like a sore loser. I guess we should have expected that from Wisconsin.

At least the week ended with a great story, that of Jordan Spieth who tied a master’s record score. Spieth was on fired from the start of the tournament and couldn’t be caught. It was a great performance and one for the ages.

In a Word Recap

Jordan Spieth – Master

Duke – Champions

Wisconsin – Niet

Bo Ryan – Baby

Bo Ryan – Renter?

Johnny Manziel – Released

Mike Pouncey – Money

Tiger Woods – Improved

Los Angeles Kings – Eliminated

Winnipeg Jets – Wildcard

Minnesota Wild – Dubnyk

Jenry Meijia – Eighty

Ted Nolan – Dismissed

Dave Nonis – Fired


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