How International is the UFC Roster?


The United States of America rules the UFC. Every champion, other than featherweight champion Jose Aldo, are from the land of the free. There are currently 263 fighters from the U.S.A. that are fighting for the UFC out of the near 560 fighters on the roster.

The UFC calls itself an international brand, but is the company as diverse as they claim to be? Here is an interactive map showing where fighters from around the world, excluding the United States, are from. (Hover mouse over map, cannot view on mobile devices)

Brazil is by far the most dominant country outside of the United States. Canada and Russia both have over 20 fighters on the current roster, while the U.K., Mexico and Japan fall just behind.

Here is a map that does not include Brazil in order to show a greater difference between the countries with few fighters.

In total, UFC fighters represent 49 of the 196 different countries around the world. There are 24 countries that are only represented by one fighter.

It will be interesting to see how the UFC grows internationally after 2015 as they have made big impacts on countries like Ireland, Sweden, and China in recent years.


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  1. It’s only been a few years they’ve gone hard globally. Local scenes are likely experiencing large growth, but it takes time to produce UFC-caliber fighters, especially since wrestling is not very popular world wide. I’m actually impressed there’s this many countries represented.


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