2015 NFL Draft: Week 4 NFL Prospects

Editor’s Note: It’s week four of the college football season, and there’s no better time to start taking a look at which players are making their case as NFL Draft prospects, and which players are taking a step back. This week we welcome a new contributor to our NFL Draft content, Mickey Frigge.


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Week 4 NFL Prospects

There’s no doubting Everett Golson is a different quarterback than two years ago when he helped Notre Dame to the National Title Game. It may just be Syracuse, but I’m giddy to see him play another game. He’s always had rare talent but now he’s playing like it. Can he do this all season? Obviously, the jury is still out on him but a game against the Orange is just additional evidence to support Golson as a prospect. He’s got a great arm and is willing to fit the ball into tight windows. He’s always had that rare escapability but now he’s using it to extend plays to pass the ball downfield instead of just taking off. I’ve been impressed with him so much this year that I’m going to put him on my Big Board even though the season is still young. To tell the truth, I could see myself moving up Golson a lot more on my board if he continues his stellar play. He’s a guy that I will be keeping a very close eye on as the 2014 season continues along.

I almost feel bad for Bowling Green because Melvin Gordon just went off on them to the tune of 253 yards and 5 touchdowns. I will be the first one to say that the Wisconsin offensive line absolutely dominated and that was a major reason for his success. However, once he got to the second level they did not make him run by people or make defenders look silly by putting a move on them. That was all on Melvin Gordon. Two weeks of rest really allowed him to heal up after playing against Western Illinois and seeming to still be suffering from residual effects from a hip injury suffered against LSU. Anyway, Melvin along with dancing partner Corey Clement, and quarterback Tanner McEvoy helped the Badgers set a school record for team rushing yards in a game. This may have only been a shorthanded Bowling Green team but this was undoubtedly the most dominating performance of Melvin Gordon’s career so far at Wisconsin. Teach me how to Bucky!

What I hear more than anything about Jameis Winston is that he just doesn’t get it. Why? It’s just true. First, he was accused of allegedly raping a woman. Then, all of the incidents in between. Now this past obscenity in a public place. People keep comparing him to Johnny Manziel, but how is liking to party anything like what Jameis has been accused of doing? People constantly talk about how on the field, Jameis is such a special talent. That is not the case. He’s a good talent, but that’s it. He throws the ball like a shot put. His accuracy can be off at times. He is really helped out by a great supporting cast. Most importantly, he has a long ways to go in terms of running an offense. He was playing with so little intelligence in the National Title Game that Jimbo Fisher was noticeably upset with him several times. Winston continues to plummet down my quarterback rankings. I highly doubt that any team will take him high in the first round. That is primarily hype created by the media. However, every year the media is proven wrong. Especially when it comes to quarterbacks. I’m not saying that the media is wrong and that Winston can’t or won’t succeed in the NFL. I’m merely stating that the media projecting him to go in the top five of the first round is merely the media guessing like usual. Winston won’t be getting drafted earlier than the first round. In fact, the first round may even be a stretch if he declares this year.

Kevin White had a whale of a game against Oklahoma. Although, Kevin White is a great college receiver, the comparisons to Larry Fitzgerald are inaccurate. They are completely different receivers. Larry Fitzgerald is more the type of receiver that will go up in traffic and get the ball, while Kevin White is more of a guy that will beat you with athleticism. Fans need to realize that similar appearance does not mean similar playing style! Amari Cooper has just been on fire ever since the Sugar Bowl against the Oklahoma Sooners last year. In fact, he has nearly as many yards this year as he did all of 2013. Throw in the upside of Stefon Diggs and the playmaking ability of Ty Montgomery and it is shaping up to be quite the wide receiver class at the top. Who will end up being the top wide receiver in the 2015 NFL Draft this spring? May the best man win!

It may not have been the headline matchup of the Auburn at Kansas State game, but B.J. Finney had his way with Gabe Wright. Many people may not be familiar with Wright but he’s a huge talent that has everything a penetrating type defensive tackle should have athletically. He only lacks consistency. Finney didn’t seem to care, as he owned him all night. In fact, other than a tackle at the line of scrimmage, Wright was completely shut down the entire night. He wasn’t being driven way down the field but simply keeping him blocked all night was an impressive feat for Finney. I will be keeping a closer eye on B.J. Finney in the future. He definitely looks like one of the best centers available for the 2015 NFL Draft.

Players on the Rise:  Kevin White, Everett Golson

Players on the Decline:  Gabe Wright, Mario Edwards


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