Top 10 Most Hated People in Sports

There are many hated people that are easy to despise in American sports. Most days, we just roll our eyes, shake our heads, grit our teeth and move on. This is not one of those days!  So, come with, stand up, foam at the mouth and jeer as loud as you can: This is a roll call of the 10 most hated people in sports and why.

Most Hated People in Sports

10. Steve Spurrier (HC South Carolina)– His constantly snide low brow remarks, added to his antics on the sidelines, puts ‘the old ball coach’ on the list. If you aren’t with his team, you’re usually against him. From Knoxville, TN to Tallahassee, FL, his named is used in vain. You can not argue with his winning percentage over the years. If you do, he’ll probably throw a temper tantrum and his visor.

9. Ray Rice (RB Baltimore Ravens)– He can quickly get off this list and surely will. But, as for now, there is no excuse for ever assaulting a woman. A two game suspension by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did not help. We are all out raged that Rice didn’t receive at least a 6-8 game suspension. That part was not his fault, but Rice will have to endure the public opinion back-lash that follows.

8. Fernando Rodney (RP Seattle Mariners)– The big, flat, sideways brim on his hat is stupid enough. The taunting way he shoots imaginary arrows into the sky after a save, is down right asinine. Nothing did our hearts better than when he prematurely shot arrows into the Angels dug-out a few weeks ago. Mike Trout and Albert Pujols shot them right back in the Angels walk-off win. Just stop it Rodney, you look like a buffoon.

7. Lane Kiffin (asst. coach Alabama)– Long before he took the assistant’s job in Alabama, Lane Kiffin abruptly left the University of Tennessee in the middle of the night as he snuck out the door to USC. Not only did he leave the Vols high and dry after just one season, he tried to steal every big recruit on his way to the west coast. On the third weekend in October, Kiffin and Bama will return to Knoxville to take on UT. I hope Nick Saban brings riot gear and one heck of an escape route.

6. Matt Williams ( mgr. Washington Nationals )– He is consistently trying to bully the media in every way he can. Earlier this year, Williams benched his star outfielder for lack of hustle on a ground out to the pitcher. It was way over the line and he called him out in the post game. This week, after his own radio show brought up the topic, he berated a reporter on a follow-up about whether Harper might be sent to the minors. Get over yourself Williams. You’re not Joe Torre or Connie Mack. Your teams have always underachieved and you act as if you get some sort of pass from fair questions. He’s a bully that we love to watch get whipped every single time.

5. Bill Belichek (HC New England Patriots)– It’s not just all the victories that most fans are jealous of. It’s not the pathetic way he wears his torn sweat shirts like a rail-riding hobo. It’s the purposely done-to-annoy-us monotone droning he does in every single press conference. The difference in the loathing of Belichek and the great appreciation of Greg Popovich is dry wit. Plain and simple.

4. Yasiel Puig (O.F. LA Dodgers)– Too long to go into every single reason why Puig gets under our skin, so let’s cut to the chase. Yasiel Puig is full of himself while making bone-headed blunders all over. The man is talented as they come. His hustle at times is a thing of beauty. And then he goes and Puig’s it up. Showing up late on Opening Day? Does the Dikembe Mutumbo finger wag at a runner tagging up? Baseball is stil a sport of ultimate sportsmanship. Until he realizes that, he’ll continue to climb up this poll.

3. Pat Riley ( President Miami Heat)– For a guy who left the Showtime Lakers when they went down and over the hill, to jump to New York in  Patrick Ewing’s prime, to leap to Miami in Wade and Shaq’s, he sure is awfully quick to judge. For him to question Lebron’s fortitude publicly is absurd. He doesn’t want Lebron James to leave Miami just because the team looks as if they will never win it all with the roster they’re bringing back. Isn’t that the same reason he left Cleveland to take his talents to South Beach in the first place.

2. Alex Rodriguez (3B NY Yankees)– He’s been suspended so we’ve forgotten, but A-Rod has been the most hated man in sports. Even Yankee fans don’t back their own guy! He’s lied, he’s cheated and he’s done it all very smugly. A-Rod will never win the fans back over. Even if he meant well. His personality just won’t lend him forgiveness. A true shame, because in his prime, Alex Rodriguez was a phenomenal athlete and could have been an equal ambassador of the game.

1. Donald Sterling (Owner LA CLippers)– Last, and definitely least, Donald Sterling is a loathsome soul. His racist remarks will always be remembered by all. It wasn’t even the first time he’d reared his ugly head. It was just the most famous. All that we can say as a sports nation, to Donald Sterling, is go away. Let somebody run and own the Clipper franchise that deserves that honor. And I highly doubt that the answer is your wife Shelly.


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