Bucs: Consistently Bad

Another Sunday passed and another loss for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs lost 23-13 Sunday against the Rams in what I can only describe as a mind numbing game that only a true fan could watch. It was a game Mike Glennon will not soon forget, the Bucs offensive line surrendered seven sacks to the Rams defense.

Quick Stats:
Mike Glennon 16/26 158YDS Sacked 7
Kellen Clemens 16/20 158YDS Sacked 1
Bobby Rainey 20CAR 37YDS 1TD
Zac Stacy 33CAR 104YDS 1TD
Vincent Jackson 5REC 98YDS

The Buccaneers have the worst offense in the NFL. They are last in total offense, passing offense and third-down conversion percentage. The silver lining of this pathetic fact is Mike Sullivan the Bucs offensive coordinator  is the leading candidate for the head coaching job at Army. So on behalf of all Bucs fans let me think the United States Army and at the same time apologize you deserve better.

“I did a terrible job of securing the ball, what I’m supposed to, and I put the game on me,” Rainey said. “We played behind because of me.”

“We got our butts kicked,” is the way defensive tackle Gerald McCoy described it. “They didn’t surprise us with anything. They just beat us.”

The Bucs were bullied Sunday, not only do the Bucs suffer from bad coaching. But holes at key positions are becoming more and more visible. The lack of a pass rush, the inability to protect the QB, lack of playmakers on offense. Im going to wait until after the season to start discussing who they should daft. But make no mistake if the Bucs are to have any chance at a winning season next year they need to address the following positions in the Draft or free agency.

Offensive Lineman:
They need to be able to better protect their QB. Mike Glennon being sacked seven times is unacceptable. The key to any offensive is giving the QB time to throw and RB room to run. The game Sunday showed this deficiency.

Defensive End:
While the Bucs Defensive is full of potential there lack of a pass rush is noticeable. Any upgrade at DE would allow playmakers like Lavonte David, Mark Barron, Dashon Goldson, Darrelle Revis, and Gerald McCoy to impact the game that much more.

Wide Receiver/Tight End: Besides needing better depth at both positions. The Bucs are in great need of a true slot receiver. Mostly they need more depth. With Mike Williams hurt Vincent Jackson became too essential making the offense predictable.

I think Mike Glennon should start next season. With that said it would be stupid and irresponsible not to bring in another QB. Im not saying draft one high, I think the Bucs have bigger needs.

Offense/Defensive Coordinators:
This is going to be short because it has become repetitive. Fire both coordinators.

Understandably injuries have also led to this embarrassment of a season. Losing players such as Doug Martin, Mike Williams, Carl Nicks just to name a few will hinder any team. While you may disagree with my diagnosis, I think any Bucs fan would agree this team needs help.

Week 17 is coming, and for Bucs fans it will be bittersweet. The Bucs are 4-11, with only a game against their most hated rival the New Orleans Saints left. After that Bucs fans will once again watch the playoffs like they do so often wondering why there team is so consistently bad.

Myself and everyone here at LastWordOnSports would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season. Please stay safe.



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