Transfer Banter: Checking in on the Biggest Transfer Rumours

As the football season is now finished for another year in Europe, it’s once again time for the B.S. to ensue, and for some of us to start weekly consults with our shrinks.  Oh, it’s also prime time for ITK accounts to start rapidly appearing on Twitter/Facebook or any other media outlet, as these leeches try to make up fictitious stories to give fans hope and play on our weakened, desperate state.

Have you heard Rooney is signing for Arsenal and that Lewandowski has been spotted at Heathrow.  Pshaw!  Boys will be boys.  I wonder how many stories have even a baby toe of substance because in most cases they just feel like a passing daydream.   Trying to sort the truth from the surreal isn’t easy, and is mostly just an impossible task.  So who do I think will be leaving and moving to pastures new?

Neymar looks a lock to join Barca – that one is easy.

Wayne Rooney leaving Man Utd, yes, no or maybe?  Truthfully, I don’t know, but how many teams can even afford him?  Whose pockets are deep enough?  Chelsea can, but can’t see him going there.  Arsenal can, but let’s not kid ourselves, Wenger would sooner bend over and take it up the arse from AV-B.  I just cannot see them paying the wages.  So that leaves Real, Barca and mega-spenders PSG.  The first two don’t need him right now, and he doesn’t fit at Bernebeu or Nou Camp anyway.  PSG must then be favourites perhaps.  To be honest I think he will sort his differences at Old Trafford and stay there.

The 20-year old superstar Mario Gotze is already joining the Guardiola’s new look Bayern team but the big question is will Dortmund’s other prize asset, Robert Lewandowski, be joining him?  Still only 24 he has yet to reach his prime and is one of Europe’s top finisher’s, but wow that’s a lot of money to pay out right there.  Time will tell.

Chelsea only managed third in the Premiership this season so surely Mourinho (worse kept secret in football) will be brought back in with buckets full of money to spend – but who to buy? Falcao?  Reports say they are looking likely to go to Monaco, and Serie A side Napoli’s top asset in Cavani.  True or daydream?  Just look at those clouds roll by…  He will cost a fortune but Abramovich has proven before that money is no object.  Again time will tell before we get a better sense of this transfer’s legitimacy.

Man City surely will have a treasure chest for their new boss.  Will that be spent on Pellegrini?   If so then will Carlo’s Tevez stay?   It will be interesting finding out, but right now your guess is as good as mine.  If you believe Twitter the deal is all but done, but hopefully you aren’t one of those type of believers.

Surely Spur’s flying winger Gareth Bale will be leaving White Hart Lane after missing out on Champion’s League football for the brighter lights of one of the cream of Europe, right?   But who will that be?  I fancy it will be Real Madrid (just a feeling based on “zero” substance) but just as easily could be Bayern, PSG,  and don’t rule out English teams Man City and Chelsea as both could afford him.  That said, I cannot see Spurs selling to an English team.

So those are just some of the players I think will be moving or staying.  What will that big transfer be that will change a team’s fortunes for the upcoming season?  I have named a few players but with millions and millions flying all over place, the lists change almost as fast as they can be written.  Will it be a new manager that will change a team’s fortunes for the better?  How will Guardiola change Bayern?  will Mourinho get Chelsea fighting for the Title again?  How will Man Utd’s new boss David Moyes cope with taking over from legendary Alex Ferguson?  So many more questions than answers, but it will be oh, so very interesting in the coming months finding out how many twists and turns the world of football has to offer.  Only time will tell so sit back and enjoy the  rollercoaster.

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