Adam Berry - Apr 18, 2016

It’s a new year in the calendar (Wrestlemania to Wrestlemania) of the World Wrestling Entertainment Universe. So much talk last year was about Roman Reigns and the “boo boys” that surround him.  From the horrible moment at the Royal Rumble in 2015 until this years Wrestlemania, the WWE have struggled and struggled to get Roman Reigns over.  The […]

Gabe Weeden - Feb 25, 2015

I love sports, especially baseball and hockey. I was born in Boston in Beth Israel Hospital right behind Fenway Park. I grew up in Rhode Island and go to school in Maine. After 22 years of living in New England, I have realized one thing: I absolutely hate New England sports fans, with a passion. […]

Mychal Hunter - Feb 19, 2015

This is a plea to sports media outlets. Please, just report the sports and leave the drama to Social Media.

Billman DeCosta - Jan 16, 2015

I hadn’t been to the TD Garden in Boston since last year’s 2013-14 NHL season.  I was lucky enough to receive some Bruins tickets for this past Christmas and made the trip to the Garden twice in the last two weeks.  I’ve had some of the greatest times I’ve ever had inside the TD Garden, […]

Nicholas Di Giovanni - Jan 5, 2015

“Why do Torontonians drink their tea out of saucers? Because Montreal has all the Cups.”- an unknown, comical, Montreal Canadiens fan. Last week, Ken Campbell of The Hockey News suggested that Hockey Canada misread the hockey market in Montreal when they chose the co-host for the 2015 and 2017 World Junior Hockey Championship, along with […]

Nickolai Vincelli - Dec 31, 2014

The World Juniors, taking place in Montreal and Toronto this year, have been really exciting so far. As always, we get to view some of the best hockey in the world, and it has not been disappointing. I was fortunate enough to buy tickets to watch Finland face the United States on December 26th, Boxing […]

Laura McFayden - Nov 20, 2014

Lately it feels like with every step MLS takes forward, the league takes the cliche two steps backward.  Adding New York City FC and Orlando City SC to the eastern conference next season and rumored talks with Sacramento, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas are a huge step forward.  Disbanding Chivas USA how it was handled was […]

Carl Taylor - Nov 5, 2014

What has happened to NASCAR? It is a valid question as in the last few weeks drivers, crews and fans alike are beginning to act like spoiled brats who have had their favourite toy taken off them. Well I have a message to those who would have NASCAR turn into a bar-room brawl: Grow up! […]

Craig Woollard - Oct 27, 2014

Two of Formula One’s smallest teams – Caterham and Marussia are both set to miss the United States and Brazilian Grand Prix over the coming weeks. For two teams who seemingly had got onto terms with Formula One in their fifth season it seems a bit strange that these teams are in fact in severe […]

In a 2004 questionnaire, the New York Times asked its readers what bothered them most about the publication’s reporting. The Times’ National Security consultant Eric Schmitt said, “The No. 1 complaint, far and away, was anonymous sources. It goes to the heart of our credibility.” Amen to that. In this era of new media where […]

Brian Donovan - Oct 21, 2014

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…. Wait, no, that’s not right. Gosh this is hard.  How about: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was […]

Craig Woollard - Oct 15, 2014

Double points will be in place at the final race of the Formula One season. There is no reason for this other than to keep the championship alive for longer, and this is a complete shambles from a Motorsport purist’s perspective. It is completely unfair to have eighteen rounds of the championship—including Belgium, Monaco, Britain […]

Daniel Lloyd - Oct 8, 2014

After a sombre weekend that captured the emotions of the entire Formula 1 community, thoughts are now beginning to turn to the future; namely this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix, which marks the 16th round of the Championship. It isn’t just a race, though. The Russian Grand Prix has become a symbol for the governmental manipulation […]

Brian Donovan - Oct 7, 2014

Many of us — certainly including me — have said some harsh things over the last few weeks about embattled Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (TM?  Has that been trademarked yet?  If not, I’m calling dibs on Embattled Texans Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick; I have a feeling you’ll be hearing it a lot this month).  But he […]

Chris Burnham - Sep 29, 2014

Before the Lions’ 24-17 victory over the Jets, Ndamukong Suh made some major waves after he let slip yesterday that he wants out of Detroit and that his sights are set on the Big Apple. The question is, which of the two MetLife Stadium tenants would be the better fit for the mercurially-tempered all-pro defensive […]

The Michigan Wolverines went with a change at quarterback this weekend against the Minnesota Golden Gophers, by starting sophomore Shane Morris over the incumbent starter Devin Gardner. Gardner had not looked right for most of the season, and while Morris had been less than stellar as well, it was time for a change. And things […]

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Up until this past weekend, it had been a solid start to the 2023 season for Rory McIlroy. Though yet to recapture his late 2022 form that saw him finish in the top 10 of his last 7 events of the year, a win at the Dubai Desert Classic in January and then a second […]

Cody Flavell - Sep 27, 2014

Jordan Spieth put it perfectly Sunday afternoon when talking about Scottie Scheffler in his post-round press conference at TPC Sawgrass. “I honestly hated when people called it a run for me so I don’t want to call it a run for Scottie but he’s playing really well,” Spieth said. He couldn’t have nailed it on […]

Ian Poulter swinging
Andy Moore - Sep 27, 2014

12 months in golf is a long time….. Enough to see the game fracture into two sides, in essence becoming a battle between the longstanding PGA Tour v the controversial Saudi-backed LIV Golf. Unsurprisingly, the biggest dissenters to the new upstart league has come from golf’s leading voice, and the predominantly American-based PGA Tour, but […]

Last Word Staff - Sep 27, 2014

You don’t have to be passionate about Esports competitions or even gaming to understand the sheer size of Esports nowadays. In recent years, gaming tournaments have broken numerous viewership records and there is no sign of stopping when it comes to the growth of this industry.  As a result, because of this growth and popularity, […]