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51 Celebrities and Football Teams They Support – Part 2

51 Celebrities and Football Teams They Support – Part 2

On Saturday, I published an article listing 51 Celebrities and the Footy Teams They Support.  Today I bring you a second installment, seeing as there were so many unaccounted for.

1. Sylvester Stallone (Actor) Everton

2. Alyssa Milano (Actress) Inter Milan

3. Noel Gallagher (Music) Man City

4. Jay-Z (Singer) Arsenal

5. Lennox Lewis (Boxer) West Ham

6. Mel C (Spice Girls) Liverpool

7. Daniel Craig (Actor) Liverpool

8. Sean Bean (Actor) Sheffield Utd

9. Will Ferrell (Comedian) Chelsea

10. Kevin Costner (Actor) Arsenal

11. Patrick Stewart (Actor) Huddersfield Town

12. Dave Grohl (Musician) West Ham

13. John Major (Polititian) Chelsea

14. Spike Lee (Director) Arsenal

15. Johhny Vaughan (TV star) Chelsea

16. The Proclaimers (Musician) Hibernian

17. Tony McCoy (Horse Racing) Arsenal

18. Gordon Ramsey (Chef) Glasgow Rangers

19. Cheryl Cole (Singer) Newcastle

20. Piers Morgan (TV) Arsenal

21. Eric Bristow (Darts) Chelsea

22. Charlize Theron (Actress) Chelsea

23. Lebron James (Basketball) Liverpool

24. Tom Cruise (Actor) Real Madrid

25. Steve Nash (Basketball) Spurs

26. Suggs (Singer) Chelsea

27. Michael Crawford (Singer) Crewe

28. Kate Aidie (News Reporter) Sunderland

29. Frankie Dettori (Horse Racing) Arsenal

30. Kristy Gallagher (TV presenter) Liverpool

31.Lee Westwood (Golf) Nottingham Forest

32. David Beckham (Football) Spurs

33. Frank Bruno (Boxer) West Ham

34. Gordon Brown (Polititian) Raith Rovers

35. Ali Campbell (UB40) Birmingham City

36. Usian Bolt (Runner) Man Utd

37. Sting (Singer) Newcastle

38. Tim Rice (Song Writer) Sunderland

39. Simon Le Bon (Singer) Man Utd

40. Sean Connery (Actor) Glasgow Rangers

41. Chris De Burgh (Singer) Liverpool

42. Prince William (Royal) Aston Villa

43. Kate Winslet (Actress) Reading

44. Dr Dre (Music Mogul) Liverpool

45. Andy Murray (Tennis) Hiberian

46. Colin Firth (Actor) Arsenal

47. Viggo Mortensen (Actor) San Lorenzo

48. John Lydon (Sex Pistols) Arsenal

49. Daniel Ratcliffe (Actor) Fulham

50. Paul Mccartney (Singer) Everton

51. Alex Stewart (Cricket) Chelsea

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