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Legends Debate Rule Changes, the New RG3, and the Rhino

The NFL is a smorgasbord of awesome storylines.  Some are analytical, others are critical, and some are just down right stupid.  It’s the stupid ones I live for – they make my day.  Welcome to Quick Slant.  I created this column as my way of sharing with you the headlines from around the NFL that I feel are most interesting.  I try to offer my own take on the story in as few words as possible – some of us have a wife, kids and a job and don’t have time to read 5000+ word novels!  So, without further ado, I give you today’s version of Quick Slant:


RoryHarbaughlogo1Is Eli Manning attempting to pull a “Tom Brady” (sacrificing own salary for betterment of team) or is he throwing some good PR out there? The Giant QB, or rather the QB who plays for the Giants, has stated that he would restructure his contract to assure Victor Cruz stays.  What is NYG even thinking? Open your pocketbooks ASAP!……Finally it looks like I can stop talking about Ed Reed. Looks like another Raven down as Eddie is headed to the Lonestar State (Houston, not Dallas)……With all due respect, does anyone care what Jerry Rice, Eric Dickerson or Emmit Smith think about the new rule about not leading with the crown of one’s helmet? Okay, Dick and Smith maybe, but Jerry?  C’mon man.  Jim Brown, by the way, is in favour of it, so there!……Talk about stating the obvious, but Mike Shanahan believes RGIII has to play safer, if/when he returns. Easier said than done though. His game is fast, unplanned and that is what makes him so dangerous. Teach him how to throw the ball away – that might save his new knees……The Bears have stated that Brian Urlacher will not be back with the team.  The team made a last ditch effort to keep the iconic linebacker, the only problem was that deal was for a maximum of $2 million over 1 year (and that included the incentives).  Why even bother making an offer like that to one of your franchise’s best ever players? …. The Pro Bowl is back ladies and gentlemen!  Thank the good lord above, or Roger Goodell, as we can once again watch players go through the motions with the promise to be as docile as possible, whilst enjoying a nice sunny vacation in Hawai’i complete with luau and boogeyboarding……I know, you’re tired of hearing about Wes Welker.  Me too, but here we are nonetheless.  Robert Kraft has said that his team offered a better deal to Welker than what he received from Denver, and that his agent may have misrepresented the value.  An agent misrepresenting numbers?  Bah!  The Pats deal would have been an extra year and a few extra million, according to Kraft.  I think the owner needs to spend more time on improving the cheese in his dinners and less time in the news discussing contract proposals……Utah‘s Star Lotulelei, one of the highest rated prospects overall this year, had a great workout yesterday according to sources. He had been unable to workout a month ago due to a heart problem (since cleared). The guy is 310 lbs. and runs like a deer.  Well, more like a rhino, but you get my meaning.


That does it for today.  Check back tomorrow and I’ll have sifted through the day’s headlines and give you what you need to know.

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