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Jack'd Off: College Football Coaches

Okay, you know what really jacks me off?  Terrible coaching.  Really is there anything worse?

Anyone catch the college football games this weekend? I’m a huge Notre Dame fan so obviously after watching my Irish kick the crap out of Wake Forest 38-0 courtesy of Manti Tèo, the future Heisman Trophy winner, we as Dame fans needed either Kansas State or Oregon to lose so I tuned into the Oregon vs Stanford match.

credit: Abdoozy, wiki commons

Both teams battled very hard and it was fantastic football. However the one thing that stuck out to me was the poor coaching.  During a back-and-forth battle Oregon had chance to draw first blood with a field goal being snapped from the 13yd line, however they decided to attempt a 4th and 1 plunge at a 1st down which eventually failed!  Why not kick the FG and put the points on the board early?  That was the first bad coaching error in what would become a see-saw battle for who was stupider between Chip Kelly and David Shaw.

The 2nd coaching error was, well, the same thing!  In the second quarter Stanford was up 7-0 and Oregon had a 4th and 3 near the Stanford 30, yet they chose to go for the first down instead of putting points on the board, which once again failed!  Some people never learn, and there are NFL teams seriously considering this guy?

credit: Daniel Hartwig, Flickr commons

Next it was Stanford’s turn to inflict themselves with terrible coaching.  Are you seeing a trend here?  They didn’t.  Anyway, there was less than 4:00 left in the 1st half, and they were up 7-0 thanks to two missed 4th down conversions by Oregon. They decide to try a 4th and 1 near midfield! Why?  Why do teams feel the need to do this? Why not just punt the ball and pin them deep to keep your 7-0 lead? Instead they tried 4th and 1 and failed the attempt.  Shocker, I know.  And the consequence was that two plays later Oregon hit a 40-yard TD to tie the game going into the half.

The second half remained the same for a long time… At one point it was 14-7 Oregon late in the 4th quarter, and I felt that David Shaw wasted a precious time out, but it ended up working in the end to send the game to overtime 14-14 where the poor coaching still factored in!

Oregon started with a three and out and a missed field goal, giving Stanford the ball, first and 10 from the Ducks’ 25 yard-line only needing a field goal to win the game. Shouldn’t they have just handed the ball off to the RB and gain a few yards then kick to win?  Well on second down Stanford, for some crazy reason tried a QB keeper in which the QB fumbled the football…. LUCKILY his team recovered.  But why run your Quaterback in this situation?  What is there to gain here?  You’ve got Stepfan Taylor, give him the ball.

Stanford kicked the field goal and won.  A crazy game, with more than crazy coaching.

This terrible coaching really Jacks me off!  It reminds me of the worst coaching in college football history – 2006 Rose bowl, USC vs Vince Young’s Texas Longhorns.  To refresh your memory, with less then a minute to play Texas scored a TD to go up by one point.  Obviously Texas elected to go for a 2-point conversion to cover their rumps in case of a USC field goal.  USC coah Pete Carroll didn’t like his defensive strategy on the conversion play so he used his last time out! LAST TIME-OUT!  Just give them the 2 points , you still need to score with less then a minute left!!! Sure enough USC takes over with 30 seconds left and no time outs.  They reached field goal range, but time ran out and they had no time-outs to stop the clock! Pete Carroll earned $5 million that year, but was too dumb to understand a time out.  And that really JACKS ME OFF!!

Now back to the Ducks-Cardinal.

Of course I should be happy because Oregon lost due to bad coaching, but for some reason Kansas State lost to Baylor making Notre Dame numero uno in America.  However, with Oregon also losing this means Alabama has another chance at the National Championship, which they of course have a very good chance of winning as I feel they are the most dominant team in the country.  I would rather Notre Dame be ranked second and play Oregon instead of being ranked first and play Bama, if you catch my drift.

Either way, I hate bad coaching, and this deplorable display between Oregon and Stanford reminds me of the 2006 Rose Bowl, which really JACK’D ME OFF!

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