pennsylvania sports history
Michael Kovacs, ADMIN - Feb 1, 2021

We all root for the underdog. Not only does it create storylines when there aren’t any to begin with, but it keeps things fun. And what is better than seeing a big underdog comeback from a huge deficit to snatch a win? That said, not all team victories are created equal. The Eagles beating the Giants […]

Sergei Bobrovsky
Robert MacDonald - Dec 17, 2020

It feels like it’s been forever since the Florida Panthers signed former Columbus Blue Jackets Vezina-winning goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky to a 7-year deal averaging $10 million per season. At the time, fans rejoiced and asserted that Dale Tallon had finally addressed a nagging issue for the team. Between oft-injured Roberto Luongo in his twilight years […]

Vancouver Canucks affiliate
Erin Butler - Dec 10, 2020

In a year of upheaval, could the Vancouver Canucks affiliate be moved? Sure, the option is there. But they shouldn’t. Vancouver Canucks Affiliate Should Stay Put With the season inching closer to an actual opening – don’t look behind the curtain – there are details to discuss. Even with an all-Canadian division, the border is […]

Alex Pietrangelo
Tom Franklin - Dec 5, 2020

Life after Alex Pietrangelo for the St. Louis Blues defense might not be so bad after all, but everyone will need to step up.

Michigan Hockey Prospects
Kyle Pereira - Dec 4, 2020

The Michigan Hockey prospect pipeline continues to be bolstered. For those not familiar, we here at Last Word have been focusing on the 2021 Draft Class with several pieces introducing players to watch. There are three prominent 2021 prospects featured on the Michigan Wolverines hockey team. That said, of course, we watched them play against […]

Vancouver Canucks draft
Erin Butler - Dec 4, 2020

Previous explorations of the Vancouver Canucks draft history have shown what can be charitably described as a mixed bag. A few great picks – especially in recent years – and some that, well, didn’t work out. There were a couple curious discoveries, like the Canucks drafting 10th more frequently than any other position. Here are […]

Joe Thornton
Zeke Leo - Dec 4, 2020

We’ve reached the final article in our four-part series on the legacy of San Jose Sharks centre Joe Thornton. 1: Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: Brilliance 2: Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: Folklore 3: Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: California Now: Joe Thornton Sharks Legacy: Toronto Thornton’s move to the Toronto Maple Leafs no doubt stirs up memories […]

Jack Hughes
Jim Biringer - Dec 4, 2020

With the 2021 World Junior Championships right around the corner, it was announced that three eligible players will not be participating this year for their respective countries. Those players include New Jersey Devils forward Jack Hughes for Team USA along with New York Rangers forwards Alexis Lafreniere for Canada and Kaapo Kakko for Finland. The […]

Larry Robinson
Connor Lapalme - Dec 3, 2020

Small trades with big results is a series that looks at trades throughout NHL history that seemed small or insignificant at the time but turned out to be much, much more. In this installment, we look at how Larry Robinson ended up with the Montreal Canadiens. Small NHL Trades with Big Results: Larry Robinson Montreal […]

2020-21 Carolina Hurricanes
Noah Foster, Editor - Nov 25, 2020

The 2020-21 Carolina Hurricanes have much more talent than people realize and are poised to do some serious work next season. They are a legitimate contender for the Stanley Cup and have an even better shot at coming out on top of the Eastern Conference. But what makes them so dangerous, and why do very […]

Artem Anisimov
Alex Metzger, Editor - Nov 25, 2020

The Ottawa Senators had a very busy offseason this year. With many new names and faces entering the organization. Names such as Evgenii Dadonov, Tim Stutzle, Alex Galchenyuk and more. However, with these new names, that means others may find themselves without a spot. Artem Anisimov very well could be one of those players. Artem […]

Chris Kreider
Raghav Ladda - Nov 24, 2020

Chris Kreider has been a mainstay on the New York Rangers‘ forward core since the moment he arrived in the NHL. With the trade of Mats Zuccarello back in early 2019, Kreider also became the longest-tenured Ranger forward. This season he played alongside his good friends, Mika Zibanejad and Pavel Buchnevich. Chris Kreider put up […]

Stanislav Svozil
Gabriel Foley - Nov 23, 2020

The 2021 NHL Draft has opted for a “quantity” approach when it comes to defencemen, instead of the “quality” approach that’s been featured in recent years. Some early rankings have double-digit defencemen going in the first round, with my own early rankings featuring eight. That’s a lot of blue-liners. And with the long list has […]

Patrick Roy
Connor Lapalme - Nov 23, 2020

Small trades with big results is a series that looks at trades throughout NHL history that seemed small or insignificant at the time but turned out to be much, much more. In this installment, we look at how Patrick Roy ended up with the Montreal Canadiens. Small NHL Trades with Big Results: Patrick Roy The […]

Travis McGrath - Nov 20, 2020

Welcome to the latest series here at Last Word on Hockey. Each day, we will take a look at a new team and examine three of their potential breakout or bounce-back players. These players have the chance to make a serious difference with their teams this upcoming season. These players can be new faces or […]

2021 NHL Draft Class
Kyle Pereira - Nov 20, 2020

Welcome to Last Word on Hockey’s 2021 NHL Draft Class introductions. The 2020 Draft class was a blast and the 2021 NHL draft should be too. Alexis Lafreniere was the first overall pick for the New York Rangers in ‘20, but who will it be in ‘21? How about we here at Last Word introduce […]

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NFL Stadiums
Drew Crabtree, Editor - Nov 20, 2020

Where you play has just as much importance as who you play. NFL stadiums are world-class buildings and are the venues of choice for events.

MLB Weight Loss
Last Word Staff - Nov 20, 2020

When we look at the money involved in the modern MLB, the plates have never been stacked higher for players. $100m contracts are now becoming somewhat commonplace. Aaron Judge will be looking at an eight-year deal in excess of $300m whether he remains a Yankee or not, and pundits are speculating Shohei Ohtani’s salary will […]

Diets of US World Cup
Last Word Staff - Nov 20, 2020

The men’s version of the FIFA World Cup is a long way from home this winter. Held in Qatar, it’s the first time that either the men’s or women’s finals have been hosted in the Middle East. With players traveling long distances from club sides in Europe or the US, the prep work for a […]

Golf Bag Storage Rack - How to Make Your Own
Last Word Staff - Nov 20, 2020

Have you ever thought about making your own golf bag storage rack? Where do you store your golf bag and other golf equipment? There are two common answers to this question. The first is that you simply leave all of your golf stuff in the trunk of your car. This can be problematic and can […]

Four Things Jurgen Klopp is Doing to help Liverpool
Last Word Staff - Nov 20, 2020

Liverpool are not having the best of starts to the current Premier League season, but there are four things Jurgen Klopp is doing to ensure that the Reds’ are still title-worthy. It showed in their Champions League clash against Ajax, and this brand of football will be dangerous in the Premier League. The evident absence of […]

New Alcohol Rules - Qatar World Cup
Last Word Staff - Nov 20, 2020

After several fans who purchased World Cup 2022 tickets voiced their frustration with the no-alcohol policy, FIFA and the Qatari organizers are working on plans to facilitate drinks when the games come alive in November which means that new alcohol rules could be in place for the tournament. New Alcohol Rules – Changes for Qatar […]

Final Phase Ticket Price
Last Word Staff - Nov 20, 2020

The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious international football competition. Every once in four years, millions of fans attend the event from all over the world. In just a few months Qatar is going to host the World Cup 2022. Qatar’s hosting decisions heightened the excitement among fans exceptionally. According to Surprise Sports, the […]

Emirates Stadium Arsenal Football Club
Last Word Staff - Nov 20, 2020

The logos donned by football teams represent their history and are riddled with esoteric messages filled with hidden meanings. Many fans remain unaware that the symbol of their favourite team’s crest tells its own story. What does it mean when a particular animal is the highlight of a logo? Similarly, what’s the deal with the […]