How Soccer Centers Builds Core Fundamentals and Creates Memorable Experiences


In  December 2015, Soccer Centers in Somerset NJ built its 44,000 square ft. indoor dome facility, giving players a spacious, modern venue to comfortably discover and develop their soccer/field hockey skills. As the largest facility (indoor and outdoor) in the Tri-State region, players eagerly come from all over the Tri-State region to participate in the overnight camps, leagues, and tournaments.

How Soccer Centers Builds Core Fundamentals and Creates Memorable Experiences

At Soccer Centers, the indoor and outdoor fields are covered with durable turf that emulates the look and feel of real grass, and is able to withstand heavy play. If there’s rain, chilly weather or unbearable heat, players participate indoors, where there is a controlled climate. Players shouldn’t have to worry about distractions like poor weather when they come to play; when it’s cold outside, players are kept warm by heating, and if it’s far too hot, the air-conditioning provides much-needed relief from the summer sun. This year-round availability makes it easy for players to participate during any time of year, accommodating most schedules.

Exceptional Instruction and Guidance at the Soccer and Field Hockey Camps


If players want to raise their level of play, Soccer Centers provides the means to do so. There are fantastic camps with professional coaches who have ample experience in guiding both children and adults into becoming better players and competitors.

The Dutch Total Soccer program primarily participates in Soccer Centers’ facility. Its curriculum is based on the Dutch training philosophy which values fluent ball movement and strong ball control. Players are given a series of drills: agility ladders, soccer tennis, and small-sided scrimmages. This way, players can progressively increase their individual skill level, while being able to function and contribute in group play. When a player is comfortable with the ball, and knows what to do during in-game situation, he or she becomes an asset to the team, not a liability.

The Total Dutch Field Hockey program is similar to its soccer counterpart in that it focuses on developing fundamentals. Players are grouped according to their age level and experience; each is given several drills to improve speed, passing, receiving, scoring, and defense. The program operates on the premise that a player’s success depends on the ability to move and control the ball.

Participants who enroll in these programs always finish as better players than when they started, and that’s because of the high level of instruction that comes from the coaches and staff. Many instructors are credentialed coaches who have taught players who have gone on to play at a collegiate or professional level. This quality of guidance makes it extremely players will reach peak performance.

How Soccer and Field Hockey Are Influencing the Community


A sport like soccer can be an incredible game to play. The health benefits are rightfully advertised, and it’s well-known it can be a great avenue for players to make new friends. Field hockey can especially introduce young girls into an active lifestyle, which is important because females need a physical challenge.

But sports isn’t just for kids. Adults need to be physically active as well, and playing sports can give older participants a fun, satisfying way to keep their health on track.

Soccer Centers is a great resource for many people of different ages, genders, backgrounds, and skill levels. One of the most esteemed missions of Soccer Centers is to allow participants to feel at home once they step on the field. When players know each other, appreciate the coaches and staff, and feel at ease within the facilities, Soccer Centers NJ becomes an extension of the community.

Soccer brings people together, and that’s clearly evident at Soccer Centers New Jersey whenever a new crop of kids come to play, or a group of adults from the neighborhood come for a recreational pickup game, memorable experiences and life lessons are formed on the pitch.

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