Eleven Types of Sports Fans


When you go to a sporting event or watch a game at a local sports bar, you are bound to run into a variety of fans.  While these of course are not all of the types of fans, they are 11 of the most popular.  It should also be noted, that someone will likely have a mixture of these different types, and you can see multiple aspects of each fan in his personality.


The Quiet Fan

Sometimes, this person is so quiet, you might think that they have fallen asleep or left the game completely.  This fan likes to internalize his fandom.  He’s quiet on the outside, but he’s cheering on the inside.

Pros: You get to do all the talking, and he won’t interrupt.

Cons:  When you run out of things to talk about, be prepared to face that awkward silence.


The Loud Fan

This is the exact opposite of the quiet fan.  The loud fan was never taught what an “inside voice” is, and he is always excited about every play made.

Pros:  You know this guy likes his sports.

Cons:  It never fails you get stuck sitting by him, and you might be deaf in that one ear now after all the games you’ve been to together.


The Drunk Fan

If he’s a drunk fan, he might also be a loud fan.  He is also probably falling, hitting you repeatedly, and possibly throwing up.

Pros:  He’s the life of the party, and you don’t have to be “that guy.”

Cons:  He’s “that guy,” and you have to deal with him.


The Profane Fan

The profane fan can also be found being drunk and/or loud.  The profane fan loves his expletives, especially when he is yelling at the refs or someone on the other team.

Pros:  Sometimes the things that come out of his mouth can be funny and also correct.

Cons:  You get weird looks from people around you who think your friend doesn’t have a good vocabulary.


The All-Knowing Fan

You could swear this fan works for ESPN with how much he knows about every team and every player.  This fan calls the plays before they happen and always has an analysis about a play when it’s over.

Pros:  You learn a lot sitting next to this guy.

Cons:  You’re never right sitting next to this guy.


The Fair-Weathered Fan

This fan starts the game off happy, and the moment things start going downhill, he drops his team like a hot potato. His favorite phrases are, “It’s over,” “I hate them so much,” and “They suck.  They’ve always sucked.”

Pros:  Sometimes he’s right, and the game really is over.

Cons:  He’s usually just too negative and annoying, so you ignore him and what he has to say.


The Always Positive Fan

This fan has never seen a bad game.  Even when his team is down by 36 in the fourth quarter of a football game, he has faith.

Pros:  It’s nice that someone has so much confidence.

Cons:  Someone has that much confidence when it’s a hopeless game.


The Clueless Fan

This fan isn’t even sure what sport is in season, but he’s always down to join in on the fun.

Pros:  He is easily persuaded into liking your team.

Cons:  He asks questions at the most inconvenient times.


The Hungry Fan

When you look for this fan, he usually isn’t standing next to you, but he’s at the concession stand line.  He can list to you everything on the menu and their accompanying prices.

Pros:  Hungry?  He’s willing to stand in the long lines to get something for you.

Cons:  Why did he even come if he wasn’t going to watch the game?


The Dedicated Fan

This fan has been at the stadium since six in the morning tailgating for a three o’clock game.  This fan can also be found in 12 degree weather painted up in his team’s colors.

Pros:  That much dedication deserves respect.

Cons:  He might get hypothermia standing out there with no clothes on, and he might be broke paying for 157 people to eat at his tailgate.


The High-Fiving Fan

This fan is super excited whenever something good happens, and he wants to acknowledge it.  He will run down the entire row to give everyone a high five.

Pros:  It’s fun for the first 30 minutes.

Cons:  It gets really old after the first 30 minutes.


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