Cavalry FC gets win and ends Forge FC’s six-game winning streak

Cavalry FC gets win with Mikaël Cantave celebrating his game-winning goal in Spruce Meadows at ATCO Field
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FOOTHILLS COUNTY, AB – Cavalry FC got the win on Friday night in front of their home fans in Spruce Meadows at ATCO Field.

Cavalry FC got the win at home against rivals, Forge FC

Three keys to the game

First half

José Escalante delivered a great cross to Joe Mason, who got behind Hamilton’s line to give Calgary the early lead.

Escalante crossed the ball to Ebdemuour, but was unable to make contact with the ball in the 19-minute. Cavalry FC got called against it. Forge FC made a quick counterattack in the 22-minute. It did not result in a goal, but something Calgary should be wary of for the rest of the game. Escalante’s pass was intercepted in the 23-minute. Number 25 made a great cross in the 29-minute.

Cavs number five made a good clearance in the ninth-minute. Camarcho’s shot was stopped by the Forge FC goalkeeper in the 35-minute. Forge FC number seven’s shot missed the target in the 37-minute. Bekker to Pacius cross was a good idea, but the play did not work in the 40-minute as Bekker’s pass went out of play. Escalante drew a foul for his team in the 41-minute. Escalante’s deflection just went wide in the 43-minute. Pacius collided with the Cavalry FC goalkeeper.

Second half

Triston Henry was body-checked in the 48-minute. Mason Trafford almost scored in the 50-minute. Joe Mason had great possession in the 52-minute. However, this did not result in a scoring chance as Hamilton defended the ball well when they got possession of the ball.

Joe Mason’s shot was stopped as Johnsson made a defensive mistake, which almost led to a goal as Henry made a fantastic save. Pacius then got a wonderful shot off, but it was stopped by Marco Carducci. Mason then showed his fantastic footwork to get to Henry but was unable to put the ball into the back of the net.

Daan Klomp tried to head the ball that was collected by Henry. Henry then made a save in the 80-minute. Then in the 83-minute, Forge got their goal. Jordan Hamilton, a former TFC player, scored his first-ever Canadian Premier League goal. Tristan Borges was the player who delivered the ball to Hamilton with a good pass inside the box.

Joseph Di Chiara crossed the ball, which was headed by Escalante to Mikaël Cantave for the late game-tying goal.

Game Analysis

There was a lot of tension between these two sides. Henry felt Escalante dove to sell a foul and inappropriately spat at a Cavs player.  Henry then was challenged for a ball that was in his own territory and it resulted in Cavalry FC getting a yellow card. Also, it has to be said that the team from Hamilton did not play well defensively. They made a few critical mistakes defensively but were able to get away with it. Forge also had a bad start to the game, not getting a shot on goal in the first half.

Forge FC will now host their provincial rivals, York United FC, at Tim Hortons Field on August 20 at 7:00 p.m. ET. They then travel to the nation’s capital to face Atlético Ottawa at 6:30 p.m. ET on August 27. This is while Cavalry FC will remain at home at ATCO Field in Spruce Meadows. They host Atlético Ottawa on August 21 at 5:30 p.m. ET and then York United FC at 3:30 p.m. ET on August 27. Both games will be televised live on OneSoccer and Telus. There is a concern though for the Cavs as one of their players, Camargo, got injured.

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Three takeaways:

Forge FC’s six-game winning streak has ended. Forge is still first in the Canadian Premier League, as their winning streak was ended by Cavalry FC, who moved to second place in the CPL standings.

Triston Henry had a fantastic game. Goalkeeper Henry made five saves and kept his team in the game, making critical stops to keep their team in the game.

Cavalry FC won the game with their crosses. Both Cavalry’s goals came from crosses. In the first goal, José Escalante delivered a fantastic cross that was met perfectly with Joe Mason’s run, which resulted in an early lead. Then, the second goal, was a great team goal into the box as Escalante headed Joseph Di Chiara’s ball to Mikaël Cantave for the goal.

Photo Credit: CFC Media/Mike Sturk on August 12, 2022.