CanMNT and Jamaica battle for a draw at Independence Park

CanMNT player Alphonso Davies free kick in Kingston, Jamaica
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KINGSTON, JAM – The CanMNT and Jamaica battle for a draw at Independence Park. Both teams had chances to score. Canada looked more dangerous on the open play while Jamaica looked more dangerous at set-pieces.

The CanMNT and Jamaica both get a point at Independence Park

First half

The CanMNT and Jamaica cannot seem to get the passes connected throughout the game. Canada played good defence early in the game. Alistair Johnston made a great defensive play and a great tackle in the eighth minute, and Samuel Piette made a good defensive play in the 10-minute. Also, there was good defence by Jamaica, as Jonathan David’s pass to Liam Millar almost connected. Davies shot missed in the 15-minute.

The best player of the game for Canada was probably Alphonso Davies. His pass to Miller and then Doneil Henry could have resulted in a goal. Kemar Roofe gets a free header thanks to Kemar Lawrence, but the header was off-target in the 23-minute. Derek Cornelius made a good defensive play in the 25-minute. Henry played really well defensively throughout the game as he made a terrific tackle in the 31-minute. Johnston and Cornelius had excellent defensive plays in the 39-minute. Sam Adekugbe made a good defensive play in the 41-minute.

Second half

Both teams came blazing to start the second half. First Alphonso Davies got past some Jamaican defenders, which resulted in David getting a shot on goal. Shortly afterwards, Mark-Anthony Kaye drew a foul for the CanMNT. Davies shot just missed the target in the 48-minute. Then Jamaica replied with a shot of their own. Lawrence made a terrific cross (offensively he was Jamaica’s best player), and then Junior Flemmings headed the ball, but it hit the post. Shamar Nicholson missed the header in the 53-minute. Oniel Fisher was the best player defensively for Jamaica. An example was in the 54-minute to stop Davies and also in the 86-minute.

Johnston made an impressive stop in the 63-minute. Eustaquio’s header was just off-target thanks to Adekugbe, who made a good cross. A rare Piette giveaway resulted in a Roofe’s shot that was off-target. Adedugbe made a good block and defensive play in the 87-minute. Johnston made a good defensive play in the 88-minute.

Jamaica will now travel to Honduras in San Pedro Sula at 8:05 p.m. ET on Wednesday. The game will take place at Estadio Olímpico Metropolitano. This is while Canada will start a set of three home games to end the year. The first one will be against Panama on October 13 at 7:30 p.m. ET. The game will be shown nationally on Sportsnet and also on OneSoccer.

Three takeaways of the tie at Independence Park

The CanMNT have trouble taking advantage of their opportunities. There are two ways of looking at this. One is that Canada can win every game they played so far, even including the game against Mexico. The other is that Canada squandered several scoring opportunities. None more than the Liam Millar chance in the 54-minute. However, as a result, Canada is one of only two teams that remain unbeaten in the Octagon.

Jamaica got an important point against Canada at Independence Park. Yes, it was not a win, but it was a step in the right direction. In particular, they were dangerous on set pieces, which Canada should practice defending.

Both teams did not pass well. Seeing the percentages, Jamaica only had a 63-passing percentage. Canada was not good as well, with a passing percentage of a 78-passing percentage. The pitch might have played a role as both teams had trouble connecting passes together throughout the game.

Photo credit to Canada Soccer on October 10, 2021.