CanMNT dominated the Costa Ricans in a significant 0-2 victory

CanMNT celebrates Stephen Eustaquio's goal in the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup

The CanMNT dominated the Costa Ricans in a historic 0-2 victory. They made the Concacaf Gold Cup semifinals round for the first time since the 2007 Concacaf Gold Cup. The scoreline though does not tell the story of the game. They dominated the game from start to finish. It was a complete team performance as they overwhelmed the Costa Ricans in the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup.

The CanMNT dominated the game in a big 0-2 victory

First Half

Not many chances to score in the first 11 minutes of play for both teams. Costa Rica turned over the ball a lot in the first 12 minutes of play. Maxime Crépeau got the ball in the 15-minute after Gilberto Martinez could not control the ball. Junior Hoilett with a terrific goal in the 18-minute, got past the Costa Rican goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado (link for the U.S. viewers).

Stephen Eustáquio played a huge role in the goal, with a terrific pass to Hoilett. Laryea made a good defensive play in the 36-minute. Tajon Buchanan was terrific today. He made great passes in the game, which included the 39-minute. Mark-Anthony Kaye got a good shot off in the 44-minute. Costa Rica did not have a shot on target. Canada played some fantastic defence against Costa Rica.

Second Half

Costa Rican player Francisco Calvo made a good play in the 48-minute to put it out for a corner. Canada’s passing was spectacular today. Eustaquio was making terrific passes, and he made another one to Hoilett in the second half. Kamal Miller and Richie Laryea made a good defensive play in the 65-minute. Then three minutes later Eustáquio scored for Canada (link for the U.S. viewers).

In the 73-minute, Buchanan passed to Miller but missed the net. Good defence in the 78-minute by Canada. This was the only time the Costa Ricans got behind CanMNT’s backline. Tajon Buchanan and Eustáquio created opportunities to score for other players. For example, Cavallini’s shot in the 83-minute took place because of Buchanan’s pass. Theo Corbeanu passed it to Tesho Akindele in the 90-4-minute.

Canada dominated the game from start to finish. They showed some of this brilliance against the USMNT. However, in this game, CanMNT took advantage of their opportunities. They were also incredible on the defensive side of the ball.

Three takes from the game against Costa Rica

Canada played fantastic defence. Costa Rica had trouble getting much momentum in the game. In fact, the Costa Ricans registered no shots on goal. They had four shots, but two of those four shots were blocked by the CanMNT.  For example, Miller and Richie Laryea make a good defensive play in the 65-minute. Steven Vitória also played well for Canada.

The CanMNT will be missing Lucas Cavallini and Steven Vitoria against Mexico because of yellow card accumulation. This will put Canada at a disadvantage as they will have to face defending Gold Cup champions Mexico in the semi-final round without those players.

Eustáquio was the player of the game, as he generated opportunities for himself and for his teammates. The assist he provided to Junior Hoilett’s goal was spectacular. Eustaquio also scored the second goal of the game for CanMNT. He also provided opportunities for other teammates to score throughout the game.

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