CanWNT gave up lead late against Japan in a 1-1 tie

CanWNT player Christine Sinclair celebrates with teammates after scoring at Sapporo Dome
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The CanWNT gave up the lead late in the game against Japan in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Canada was the better team early in the game. However, after Christine Sinclair’s goal, Canada had trouble generating scoring chances. Japan got a couple in the second half and was able to capitalize on one of them.

CanWNT gave up the lead in a draw against Japan

Three keys to the game

Positive start to the game for the CanWNT

The CanWNT had a really positive start to the game. They were attacking all cylinders and were in control of the game. This resulted in the early goal for the Canadians.

Christine Sinclair did a great job on following the rebound and scoring the goal. Nichelle Prince also played a major role in the goal. She was the one who gave the pass to Sinclair for the game-opening goal. Canada was strong for the first 10 minutes of the game but had trouble getting scoring chances after that.

Japan got a late equalizer against Canada

After a strong second half, Japan did not generate too many chances. However, they capitalized on their chance in the 84-minute.


It was a mistake by Canadian goalkeeper Kailen Sheridan as she was off her line. As a result, Mana Iwabuchi took advantage of her mistake. Credit to the goal should also be given to Yui Hasegawa, who provided the long pass to Iwabuchi, who was able to get past the CsnWNT’s defence. The game was tied at 1-1, which would remain so until the game ended. A part of that was Canada not generating enough chances after the positive start they had in the game.

CanWNT’s offence had trouble getting scoring chances

The CanWNT had trouble getting scoring opportunities in the game. They only had one shot on target, which was Sinclair’s goal. After that, they had trouble getting any offensive opportunities. The CBC announcers were saying that Canada was too passive and was not going for the shot on goal. Either way, they did not look dangerous at the offensive end of the ball. It was hard for them to get a scoring chance against the Japanese.

It looked like Canada found the breakthrough in the 60-minute. However, the goal was called offside and Canada was not awarded the goal. That was the only time Canada was not awarded the goal. Credit also should be given to the Japanese defence, who were able to not allow Canada to get many scoring chances.

Other Factors

One factor to point straight away was the penalty that was awarded in the 54-minute. The penalty was given up by Stephanie Labbé. The credit though should be given to Mina Tanaka, who positioned herself to take the tackle from goalkeeper Labbé. The early part of the second half was probably the best part of the Japanese performance against Canada yesterday.

Labbé to her credit though made the save. It was not a good penalty from Tanaka, but Labbe read the play well and Canada at that moment maintained their lead over the Japanese. Unfortunately, Labbe had to leave the game later on because of an injury.

The last factor that should be mentioned is Canada’s strong defence. It was rock-solid yesterday against the Japanese. There were a few hiccups in the second half, but Canada still played well defensively. Kadeisha Buchanan in particular played extremely well. Two instances were in the 77 and the 90+4-minute, in particular, the 90+4-minute might have saved CanWNT a point against Japan.

CanWNT gave up a late lead against the Japanese Overview

The CanWNT will feel they let two points getaway. Besides the early part of the second half, the Japanese did not have many scoring opportunities. Furthermore, the Japanese goal happened partly because of the Canadian goalkeeper being off her line. Having said that, Canada had a problem generating chances. They really did not get a clear-cut chance after Sinclair scored the early goal in the sixth minute.

As the standings stand in Group E, both Canada and Japan are tied for second place. Great Britain defeated Chile 2-0 yesterday in the other Group E action in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The CanWNT Olympic journey continues as they will face Chile at 3:30 a.m. ET on July 24.  This is while Japan will face Great Britain on July 25. The game will take place at 6:30 a.m. ET. Both games will be streamed on CBC Sports.

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