The CanMNT scored four goals in a 4-1 win over Martinique

The CanMNT celebrates game-tying goal against Martinique

The CanMNT scored four goals in a balanced scoring effort against Martinique. After Martinique scored the first goal, Canada scored four different times with four different goal scorers. This included three times in the first half.

The CanMNT scored four goals against Martinique

Three keys to the game

The CanMNT offence showed up against Martinique

After giving up the early goal, Canada quickly replied with a goal of their own (link to the Cyle Larin goal for the U.S. viewers). They would end up scoring four goals against Martinique. This included scoring three goals in the first half. The first goal happened because of a beautiful cross by Lucas Cavallini. Larin’s header connected with Cavallini’s cross and went into the back of the net.

However, Canada was not done there. They would later add in two more goals in the first half. Tajon Buchanan, who was probably the player of the game, got past a Martinique player. He would then pass it to Jonathan Osorio, who would finish the chance off with a goal.

Stephen Eustaquio would then score his first-ever CanMNT goal (link to Canada’s third goal for the U.S. viewers). Buchanan again got past a Martinique player and passed the ball to Junior Hoilett. Hoilett did a good job in finding Eustaquio, who put the ball into the back of the net. The fourth goal was scored by Theo Corbeaunu in the 89-minute thanks to a terrific pass by Lucas Cavallini (link to Canada’s fourth goal for the U.S. viewers).

Another way of looking at the game is that Canada had the majority of the possession in the entire game. Some people say that is not a good indicator of how the game went. However, it did impact who had control of the game between these two sides on Sunday. It also played a role in Martinique not getting many chances to score against Canada.

Martinique did not have many chances to score

Martinique did have chances to score and maybe should have put them back in the net. It is important to note though that Martinique only had five shots with two of them on target. Canada scored four goals in this game. This put a lot of pressure on Martinique to score on every shot they potentially had.

They did take advantage of the very first chance they had though (link to the Martinique goal for U.S. viewers). Mark-Anthony Kaye gave the ball away to Emmanuel Rivière. He was able to get the shot past the CanMNT goalkeeper Maxime Crépeau. In the 25-minute, Yann Thimon missed the shot to the left. Rivière had another chance in the 40-minute, but his shot had missed. They did not have many chances to score in the second half. That is a credit to the Canadian defence, which tightened up and did not give them many chances to score.

Key defensive plays helped to preserve Canada’s win

Canada made some key defensive plays in the second half to preserve the win. All three chances came when the game was still 3-1, so a goal would have made it just a one-goal game.

  • In the 64-minute when Steven Vitória headed the ball out of danger from a Martinique corner.
  • In the 65-minute, Buchanan blocked a shot from Stéphane Abaul. This was the more dangerous of the three changes Martinique had as the shot happened from the centre of the box. The shot could have very easily ended up in the back of the net.
  • The last instance came in the 72-minute when Samuel Piette intercepted the ball. This gave the possession back to Canada.

These three defensive plays helped maintain Canada’s two-goal lead at the time. They would another goal later in the game in the 89-minute.

Tajon Buchanan was the player of the game

Buchanan was probably the player of the game. He made two terrific assists in the game. This included the one above (link here for the U.S. viewers). His speed and agility proved that the 3-5-2 formation can work on the offensive end. To be fair, it was a balanced scoring effort, where lots of players stepped up. They also played better defensively as the game went on.

The next game for both teams and what it means

Canada got an important win against Martinique. They are currently first in Group B, because of the goal differential compared to the U.S. However, the competition will get better as the Gold Cup progresses along. Martinique will now play against the United States of America on July 15. The game will take place at 9:30 p.m. ET. The U.S. defeated Haiti in their Gold Cup opener 1-0.

Likewise, Canada also has a game on July 15. They will face rivals Haiti at 7:30 p.m. ET. Canadian soccer fans can watch the Canada-Haiti game on OneSoccer.  Both games mentioned above will take place at Children’s Mercy Park in Kansas City, Kansas.