The Pro Foul Podcast: I forgot Michelle Betos because the NWSL didn’t have her on the list

Michelle Betos NWSL Podcast

Podcast — Welcome back to another episode of the Pro Foul Podcast! This time, four voices, not just three! R.J., André and Rachael are joined by a special guest, Leigh Nieves, the president of the Lavender Legion.

Lavender Legion is the official supporters’ group of the newest NWSL club, Racing Louisville. She and André discuss how to properly pronounce “Rassing” or “Racing” Louisville, of course.

But then, they jump into conversation about the recent Expansion Draft. None of the trio’s mock drafts were a hundred percent accurate, but that shouldn’t shock anyone. Other topics include the U.S. women’s national team camp and roster, along with the Houston Dash and Dynamo’s latest re-brand.

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The Pro Foul Podcast, Ep. 19: I forgot Michelle Betos because the NWSL didn’t have her on the list

We her brain about the NWSL Expansion Draft and then she stuck around talk about the broader world of WOSO.

Louisville Has An Expansion Draft

USWNT Playing a Friendly In Europe

Houston Dash Rebrand

Great British Bake Off Update

Good Thing/Rant of the Week

  • Andre: Really loves filibusters and the new faces on the USWNT roster.

  • RJ: Dolly Parton is the American Dream.

  • Rachael: Doesn’t love filibusters as much and is excited about unity between the men’s and women’s teams at various levels.

  • Leigh: The Louisville City FC (USL) rebrand is good and the haters can just step off.

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