Marcus Velado: I Want to get That U-20 Call-Up

Marcus Velado

INTERVIEW – Last Word on Soccer interviewed Marcus Velado on September 26, 2019.

Marcus Velado: I Want to get That U-20 Call-Up

1. How do you analyze your first pro season so far?

“I think it’s a really good experience for me. Signing at such a young age – at 17. Signing a professional contract you come into a new environment, you see how much more serious it is than playing at youth. Just a lot of things I’ve learned in the past couple of months and that I’m still learning to this day.”

2. Having parents from El Salvador and Ethiopia must influence your choice for soccer over any other sport even though you were born and raised here?

“My dad and his dad, they played soccer and were really into sports. So it runs in the family there, even on my mom’s side; my uncle he played back home so I’ve been really influenced by my family.”

3. With the U-21 rule in place helps guys like you to get the minutes you need to grow?

“As a young player you always want to play. You want to get as many minutes as you can, and having that 1000 minute rule – it’s really good because it focuses on developing young players. So we we can move on to even bigger things.”

4. In 2015 you attended a ID Camp with Canada Soccer. You’re a 2001’ born player – meaning you’re eligible to play next year for the U-20 CONCACAF Championship ahead of the 2021 World Cup. Is that in the cards for you to be part of that team?

“Yeah for sure, since 2015 I haven’t really seen too many Canada camps but that’s something I’m really pushing for. To be a part of that U-20 team. Representing Edmonton; representing my family. Just gonna keep pushing and hopefully make the team.”

5. Whats the goal for next year, in terms of playing time?

“My goal for next year is to get better. All the time. For next year I really wanna see myself more involved, Getting more playing time. To be a regular started which I believe I can do. So it’s gonna be a very important off-season for me so I can be ready for next season as well.”

6. There’s always eyes watching. Obviously making a move overseas to a better league has to be something in mind no?

“Making a move to Europe, South America or even MLS is a dream of mine for sure. I really want to focus on here, on FC Edmonton and performing here so I can reach those next levels taking it once step at a time.”

7. Did you pass up some opportunities to play in University both in Canada and in the U.S.?

“I did have offers from University of Alberta and Macewan University But professional soccer was much more appealing to me. So it wasn’t too hard to say no and pass up on those offers and join FC Edmonton.”

8. And that decision was a personal or a family one?

“It was personal for me, but my parents were on board with it. They agreed with what I did.”

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