Lars Hirschfeld: Closer to match day the intensity in training slows down

Lars Hirschfeld

INTERVIEW – Lars Hirschfeld is a former Canadian International who played in Europe and the current Goalkeeper coach of FC Edmonton. Last Word on Soccer spoke with Lars Hirschfeld on September 15, 2019.

Lars Hirschfeld: Closer to match day the intensity in training slows down

1. Was coaching something you’d always wanted to do after your career?

“No but I think it’s just a natural progression, you go through the face of your playing career and in the end you take a mentor-ship role. It seemed like a natural step afterwards, pass on what I learned and prepare the next generation.”

2. How did you get in contact with Jeff [Paulus]?

“I’ve known him, like everybody knows everybody through football and it’s a small community. I’ve met him a few times through the years and I’ve known people who have worked with him. It was basically just one phone call, that easy.”

3. When it gets closer to match day, as each day progresses, do the intensity of the practices get more?

“No not at all, we usually have a tendency before the game to dilate back a little bit. Usually the intensity is beginning of the week but then as the match approaches we tone it down to keep the legs fresh.

Everything we do before a game, the last couple of days is always catered towards our opponent. Our strength and their weaknesses and vice versa. Our game plan is really focused towards that.”

4. How close is the Goalkeeper Union between yourself and Connor James – Dylon Powly?

“I think every goalkeeper and goalkeeper coach has a close relationship. We work probably the most tightest out of all the coaches – it’s great to see them support each other on and off the field.

Connor has done well and a big part of that is the support he’s received from Dylon and back and forth. They’ve both stepped on the pitch, they’ve both stepped up and they’ve both delivered. So I’m super happy with them right now. It’s a great team to be with.”

5. In this league there are a lot of first year professionals. Talk about the strengths and weaknesses and the learning processes that takes place.

“Our boys, it’s a fair number; I think it’s third-teen local players off the cuff. Could be wrong on that, a lot of them have stepped up. It was a slow process, they’re learning every day. Everyone around us, it’s a great result; it’s honestly promising.”

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