York9 Inaugural Season has Been a Roller Coaster

York9 inaugural season

EDITORIAL – Many questions have been asked heading into the first ever Canadian Premier League season. Which teams would coalesce quickly to become title challengers and which teams would be fighting to stay out of the basement were debates which raged into the start of the Spring Season. Answers became available with the passing of time, Cavalry and Forge were clearly the teams to beat, while the rest of league continued to search for their identities, with the York9 inaugural season being a roller coaster.

York9 Inaugural Season has Been a Roller Coaster

To say that the inaugural season has been filled with ups and downs is to say that rain is wet; while true, it’s lacks specific nuance about the experience and emotions such a season, or run through the rain can bring. So let us delve deeper into the actual experience, and why this season has been such a head scratcher.

Heading into the season York could feel confident with some marquee names such as Kyle Porter and Ryan Telfer (who showed much promise with TFC at such a young age) joining a team to be coached by former TFC legend, Jimmy Brennan. However, as the season has unfolded it is tough to put a finger on where York9 are in their progression this season. Unfortunately one does not need to look much farther than results to understand some of the frustration.

The sign of a consistent team beyond the subjective performance they display on the field, are the objective results that said team attains. The results this year for York show that stringing together the same results has been seen as little the infamous Sasquatch. When we look for the longest winning streak that York has had this season, we find that York has won consecutive games just once in the league this season. This is not the mark of a title contender.

But the issue with consistency does not end there. York9 have stringed together consecutive draws only once this season as well. To keep this erie feeling of inconsistent familiarity going, they have only lost consecutive games once this season as well, a string of three loses.

What we have is a team not showing the signs of a title contender, but also not showing signs of being a permanent basement dweller. What we are left with has been an inconsistent roller coaster of a season. Putting any sort of emphasis on a single performance is missing the mark entirely with this team.

With these seven remaining games Jim Brennan’s side should look to find consistency. Stringing together a win streak or an unbeaten run would do wonders for the team’s confidence going into next year, and relieve any front office pressure that Coach Brennan may be feeling. York 9 can start on this path this Sunday as they look to start their second winning streak of the season against a vulnerable Valour FC side.