Time for the San Jose Earthquakes to put up, or shut up

San Jose Earthquakes

Editorial (September 26, 2017)- The San Jose Earthquakes have been consistently inconsistent in 2017. While absolutely miserable in the second half of games on the road, they’ve been able to win almost every single home game. They are still on the edge of a playoff spot. With three of their remaining four games at home, the San Jose Earthquakes need to either put up, or shut up.

Time for the San Jose Earthquakes to put up, or shut up

After the miserable 4-0 loss in Saturday’s match against lowly D.C. United, the San Jose Earthquakes again showed that they just don’t really have it in them in big road matches. That doesn’t bode well for them even if they win all their home games and make the postseason.

The best they can likely do in terms of playoff positioning, is get to fifth, which is still a one-off road game. They still sit in a playoff spot, but are tied on points with FC Dallas who have a game in hand. Granted, Dallas doesn’t look like they’re going to turn it around anytime soon as they continue to sit in their free-fall. The one team that most people counted out in the Western Conference Playoff race was Real Salt Lake, and now they’ve turned up the heat.

The San Jose Earthquakes have two games this week. Both are at home. If they are going to have any shot at the playoffs, they’ll need to win both of them. The struggle? Both are against playoff teams. Chicago will be coming in trying to cement their spot in the East, while Portland is going to attempt to tread water and keep pace with Vancouver and Sporting KC.

The Earthquakes haven’t done much to convince fans that they’re a playoff team. Most are still waffling at the idea of them being a deserving playoff team. Their road form has been miserable, and at home they seem to take their foot off the gas when their up, leading to a goal differential growing worse. Since Chris Leitch became head coach, they’ve been outscored 27-6 on the road picking up a whopping three points. That’s dismal. They continually get down, and then the flood gates open as they haven’t showed the “90 minute” mentality that the “goonies” of old displayed.

If they want to make the postseason, their mentality, especially on the road needs to improve. If they can do that, this team is talented enough to make a run. But we all know that winning teams need both skill and mentality. This team has lacked the latter for most of the season. If they can find it, or Chris Leitch can actually instill it, then the Earthquakes may just get into the postseason.

If they win their remaining three home games, they’ll be on 48 points, which certainly should be enough for the postseason. Dallas has been stuck in the thirties since July, so if they Quakes can get at least nine more, they should be able to hold off Dallas. But that’s going to mean the Earthquakes step up to the plate big time. If they don’t, then kiss it goodbye.

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