Sporting KC Give Peter Vermes Contract Extension

Sporting KC
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Kansas City, Missouri- When Sporting KC sent an email to media members yesterday, giving them notice of a large club announcement, many thoughts came about. One person asked if Peter Vermes might be out? Others maybe wondered about the “cast” of the event. It was pretty much straightforward though. Technical director, and manager, Peter Vermes was given a contract extension through the 2019 Season.

Sporting KC Give Peter Vermes Contract Extension

Rewarding Success

Peter Vermes’ vision for the club has come to full fruition. They have the ability to control player development from the U-14 level, all the way into the first team. With three trophies in the last five seasons, and six straight postseason’s reached, the Vermes vision has been as successful on the field as it has been off. An MLS Cup in 2013, and U.S. Open Cup’s in 2012 and 2014 has given Vermes a load of success. Two incredibly unlucky losses in the 2015 and 2016 knockout rounds (double posts in the PK Shootout and an offside Nelson Valdez goal) have softened the “opinion blow” of two early postseason exits.

Vermes’ vision for the club is there. It’s in working order, and has provided a whole lot of success. Here is a comment from him on today’s conference:

“I have been involved with this project from ground zero and am exceptionally proud to be able to build on the foundation that has been created here.”

Some of the other comments made today though are quite intriguing. Especially when it came to the “cast” of figures.

Where’s Rob?

Rob Heineman, Sporting KC CEO, was a significant absence today. Not only was he absent from the press conference, he wasn’t even scheduled to be there. On top of that, a comment from Vermes seemed rather odd, and hinted at a fading influence from the CEO.

“I personally want to thank the ownership group so we can continue to do what we have done for this great organization. In particular, I appreciate the effort from Mike Illig, with whom I spent significant time finalizing this deal. I look forward to the job ahead and preparing for the 2017 season.”

It seems odd for Vermes to specifically mention Illig. A part owner, Illig hasn’t been in the public eye when it comes to contract negotiations, in comparison to Heinemann. Some with more inside knowledge than I, have suggested that a shuffle within the hierarchy of the club has been on the cards. Maybe we’ll be waiting for another significant announcement soon. But for now, Sporting KC are in good hands on the field. Vermes is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and that is something the Sporting KC supporters should thoroughly rejoice in.