New York Red Bulls vs Antigua GFC Report Card

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History was made in the New York Red Bulls 0-0 draw vs Antigua GFC. On Tuesday night, the Red Bulls getting the one point clinched Group F and sent them into the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions’ League. Wrapping up group play away in Guatemala, the Red Bulls once again found themselves playing in a swamp. Torrential downpours turned the pitch into a swimming pool. Despite the weather, New York was able to stay mistake free.

New York Red Bulls Player Grades vs Antigua GFC 9/27

Player Grades

Luis Robles: B+

Field conditions in games like this can be a nightmare for goalkeepers. This however wasn’t the case for Luis Robles. Robles was tested several times on shots that seemed a lot trickier than they looked. As in the last match for the New York Red Bulls in CONCACAF Champions’ League play, Robles gets the highest marks for his efforts,

Gonzalo Veron: B-

This match showed just how good Veron can be in the attack. The Argentine international had quite a day in the attacking third. While unable to score a goal, Veron used his pace to blow by defenders and cause trouble in the attack.

Aurelien Collin/Aaron Long: B-

It was an impressive performance for the two pairing together at the center back position. Getting his first start since being loaned from New York Red Bulls II, Long had a very good performance on a less then stellar field.  The two dealt with a barrage of long balls over the top and kept calm in their own penalty area as the ball was constantly taking awkward bounces.

Mike Grella: C+

This match was much better then we have seen from Grella lately. Showing shades of his former form, Grella did a solid job being involved with the attack and popping up in dangerous spots. Nearly setting up a goal before being waved off for offside, Grella also nearly had a goal as a hard strike at goal was just saved. While he still has a long way to go, this match was one that was a step forward.

Felipe Martins: C-

This was certainly not the best we have seen from Felipe this season. Obviously field conditions had some effect on everyone’s play, Felipe was sort of a ghost out there. Being put in the number ten role for the lineup Felipe was rarely seen in the attack for the Red Bulls. Felipe’s only offensive contribution was a shot that he sailed into the seats from the top of the penalty area.