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Summer Movies Starring Wrestlers: A Round-Up

A photo of AEW superstar MJF.

Multiple wrestlers will be adding some muscle to the biggest blockbusters of the summer. 

Dave Bautista, Drew McIntyre, MJF, and John Cena all have roles in big-screen movies this summer.

The Rock won’t seen at the Box Office until November following his stint in WWE from January to April this year. 

But Nathan Jones appears in the biggest movie of the summer. 

Grab some popcorn, and an ice-cold soda, and strap in for our summer blockbuster movies starring wrestlers round-up. 

Movies Starring Wrestlers This Summer

The Movie: Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga 

Who & What:  Shortlived WWE superstar Nathan Jones plays Rictus Erectus in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth get the top billing in the epic theatrical release. 

Tell Me More: Jones, as Rictus Erectus, plays a significant role in the post-apocalyptic coming-of-age origin story of Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa. Furiosa is forced to shave her hair bald and pretend to be a boy to avoid the advances of the dim-witted son of a warlord Erectus. Elsewhere expect lots of facepaint, bikes and fighting in the desert wasteland.

Release Date: May 24, 2024 

The Movie: My Spy: Eternal City

Who & What: Dave Bautista leads an A-List cast of Ken Jeung, Anna Faris, and Kristen Schaal in a family spy flick. 

Tell Me More: Dave Bautista will be reprising his role of JJ from My Spy in the sequel My Spy: Eternal City. Socially awkward and bad at spying, JJ got blackmailed into protecting nine-year-old Sophie in the first movie. 

In Eternal City, Bautista’s JJ is once again forced to help out Sophie. This time, he joins her on a school trip to Italy where they get caught up in a terror plot. 

Release Date: My Spy: Eternal City streams on Amazon Prime Video from July 18, 2024. 

The Movie: The Killer’s Game

Who & What: Bautista leads another name-heavy cast but this time will also lock horns with Drew McIntyre in the Scottish star’s blockbuster debut. Sofia Boutella, Terry Crews, Ben Kingsley, and Scott Adkins add more name value. 

Tell Me More: Bautista is former assassin Joe Flood who learns he has a terminal illness so places a hit on himself. But when he learns the diagnosis was wrong he must protect himself against a never-ending collection of assassins. 

Release Date: The Killer’s Games hits cinemas worldwide on September 13, 2024

The Movie: Die Hart 2: Die Harter 

Who & What: John Cena dons a wig and pours hot tea on his testicles in Kevin Hart’s spoof action-hero movie Die Hart 2: Die Harter.

Tell Me More: Kevin Hart plays himself attempting to become the greatest action movie star on the planet. Then some proper baddies show up and it becomes a little too real. Hart enlists a crossbow-wielding Cena to help. 

Release Date: Streams on Amazon Prime from May 30, 2024 

The Movie: In The Lost Lands

Who & What: Bautista’s final summer movie sees him star opposite Milla Jovovich in a fantasy epic written by Game of Thrones wordsmith George RR Martin. 

Tell Me More: A sorceress ventures to a mystical land to find a magical power that allows people to turn into werewolves. Looks like “The Animal” could be released!

Release Date: September 26, 2024

The Movie: The Floaters

Who & What: Former AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF plays a role in the Jewish summer camp comedy The Floaters which stars GLOW’s Jackie Tohn, Sarah Podemski, Seth Green and Steve Guttenberg. 

Tell Me More: MJF won’t lead the movie but should appear for longer than his blink and you miss it turn in The Iron Claw. A struggling musician agrees to take a job at a summer camp with her overachieving bestie. They end up going head-to-head with a rival summer camp in a battle to survive.

Release Date: Unknown but it makes sense to come out during the summer

What movies starring wrestlers have you watched and are looking forward to the most?

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