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WWE Drops Two Uncle Howdy ‘Cavebird’ Shirts With Massive Hint On Return Date

Image of Uncle Howdy at WWE event

WWE has released two ‘Cavebird’ special event Uncle Howdy t-shirts, giving a massive hint on his return date. The shirts are available on WWE and include the bird logo seen in vignettes that have been hyping Uncle Howdy’s return since WrestleMania 40.  

There is no reference to Uncle Howdy or the Wyatt 6 within the product description. But the term ‘cavebird’ and the logo have appeared in multiple vignettes for Uncle Howdy. 

The shirts also include the phrase ‘I set them free’. This phrase has been included in multiple vignettes and is a massive hint that Uncle Howdy will return with a stable of superstars most likely known as the Wyatt 6. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave has been an influence on the Uncle Howdy vignettes.

Date Revealed For Uncle Howdy’s Return 

The ‘Cavebird’ special event shirts come with a guarantee they will be shipped no later than July 12, 2024. This means WWE is looking to have its fans kitted out in merchandise before Uncle Howdy’s big return. The July 12 date falls in between the Money in the Bank PLE on July 6 and SummerSlam on August 3.

The latest QR code on WWE Raw involved the date May 22, 2024 and the word WhatsApp. This suggests we could see something else on WhatsApp – today.  The Uncle Howdy QR code promotional tactic has mirrored the way Bray Wyatt returned to WWE in 2022.

A white rabbit t-shirt was released on WWE shortly before Wyatt returned at Extreme Rules. Wyatt’s return sparked the debut of Uncle Howdy. 

Rotunda Brothers

The characters were played by brothers Windham Rotunda and Taylor Rotunda. Windham Rotunda passed away in August 2023. 

A documentary, released in April, revealed how the two brothers had created the storyline surrounding Wyatt’s return and the Uncle Howdy character. Taylor Rotunda spoke of his passion to continue his brother’s legacy with the storyline. 

Who Are The Wyatt 6?

QR codes have appeared during WWE programming that have linked to vignettes hyping Uncle Howdy’s return. All these videos have been uploaded to the Dredmare YouTube account. It has given many hints at who will be arriving in a stable with Uncle Howdy.

Uncle Howdy originally looked to set Wyatt and Alexa Bliss free from the sides of themselves they were repressing. It looks like he’s doing the same again. 

Erik Rowan

The latest QR code seen on WWE Raw gave coordinates for Rowan University. This has been the latest in a long line of clues that Erik Rowan will return alongside Uncle Howdy. Rowan was revealed as the ‘second son’ of the Wyatt Family in NXT in 2012.

He joined Luke Harper and Wyatt in the Wyatt Family. Rowan was linked with Wyatt or Harper practically his whole WWE career. He was released by WWE in 2020 but reportedly re-signed with the company this month. 

Braun Strowman 

Braun Strowman returned to WWE Raw as part of the WWE Draft. He’s spent most of his time backstage chilling as a happy-go-lucky guy sharing advice with fellow superstars. This is a stark contrast to his character when he debuted in the Wyatt Family in 2015.

Strowman was a giant, largely mute monster in a black sheep mask. A recent vignette showed this version of Strowman with the words ‘remember who you are’. This suggests Strowman could undergo a character change to link up with the Wyatt 6.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has also been referenced in the vignettes. She also had physical interactions with Uncle Howdy in January 2023. It is likely the story that was being told then will continue. Shawn Spears has been featured in vignettes too.

A woman who resembles Nikki Cross is also featured in the vignettes. This suggests we may have the complete Wyatt 6. Uncle Howdy, Strowman, Rowan, Bliss, and Spears with potentially Cross. But it could be that Wyatt remains a member despite his death through his overarching philosophy. 

Allegory of the Cave 

Multiple references to the philosopher Plato’s Allegory of the Cave have appeared in the vignettes. The allegory describes people who spend their lives chained to a wall and see only shadows cast against it. The shadows are not reality but the perceived reality of the prisoners. 

In the allegory, one prisoner is released and understands the shadows for what they truly are. They gain enlightenment and seek higher levels of reality. He returns to the cave to share his new perception of reality.    

The prisoners think he’s gone mad and reject him. It shows how important our perception of reality is. This could be the inspiration for the Uncle Howdy storyline in two ways.

Either Howdy keeps the others ‘chained’ by influencing their perception of reality. Or, Uncle Howdy enlightens them on his perception of reality and releases the shackles he believes are holding them back.

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